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Dealing With Death Or The Fear Of Death Communications Research Paper

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Dealing with Death

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross “On the Fear of Death” (1926-2004) wrote about the fear of death an individual will go through in the process of dying. Kubler-Ross explains the different stages of death one experiences in life. When one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they will encounter a change in attitude towards death and dying. Kubler-Ross goes on to discuss the different stages and process of death and dying; denial and isolation first stage, anger second stage, bargaining third stage, depression fourth stage, and acceptance fifth stage. The information Elisabeth Kubler-Ross provides “On the Fear of Death” is true and based on reality. The detail Kubler-Ross gives in this reading helps to understand and accept the process of death and dying.
Kubler-Ross states that an individual facing death deals with different attitudes toward death and dying. The minute my family and I were given the news my grandmother wasn’t doing well and had a tumor in her brain, we were all in disbelief. I come from working in a hospital environment, patients were given the news of not getting better and facing death and dying. There is a chain of emotions and fear that can go through a person’s head. My grandmother cried which lead to heartbreak and confusion. Experiencing the worst news a person can endure. Kubler-Ross mentions one can become upset and shut everyone out, one can be positive with pushing through with any treatment given, or try and discuss other options with family. Kubler-Ross explained, exactly what my grandmother was dealing with, on the bad news she was going to die soon. Having to deal with the thoughts of death isn’t scary, but when it’s happening to your family you can’t seem to know how to deal with it. I have learned that is part of life, we live and we die. Some individuals may say different, being around death and knowing that one is accepting of it, helps more to understand the process of dealing with death and dying.
With each stage of death Kubler-Ross explained, the first stage was denial and isolation. I can’t say my grandmother experienced the first stage. My grandmother believed she could beat this illness called cancer. She was extremely positive and had a great support system. Although her fears of being in a medical induced coma and unable to make her own decisions was hard for her. Denial was never a thought in her mind; she already knew something was wrong. When an individual experiences denial they try to make themselves believe they are not ill. Once an individual starts dealing with isolation it can become most difficult for the individual to deal with. I believe having a great support system and not pushing family away will make it easier to avoid isolation during the circumstance of being terminally ill. “We can attempt to master death by challenging it” This is my thesis on dealing with death, I say why not challenge it; you’re going to die anyways.
As Kubler-Ross described the second stage of...

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