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Dealing With The Hinderance Of Poor Student Behavior In The Classroom

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In a class, for effective learning to take place, there must be a good communication between the students and the teacher. For one to know that learning has taken place there must be a change of behaviour. However this process can be hindered by several factors in a class setting such as students’ behaviour, noise, language barrier and many others. They key hindrance of passage of knowledge from the teacher to the student is students’ behaviour. This the basic attribute that will determine whether a teacher will have an easy time teaching or a very hard time. This paper will look into various ways in which this factor can affect the learning environment and how they can be remedied.
To begin with, student behaviour is the manner in which the students portray when the context of learning institutions. In a class not all the students want to would want to cooperate with the teacher. The following are some of the behaviours would experience in class and how they can be dealt with(Porter, 2000).
Silence when asked a question.
Some students however would not answer a question especially when picked by the teacher. This might be because they are either shy or they just don’t want to answer because they just think it seems cool not to answer. These two ways makes a teacher to wonder whether he or she did not communicate well and the student did not understand. This would then make a teacher waste a lot of time explain over and over a concept that would have taken a very little time.
Doing a different unit apart from what the teacher is teaching
While teaching, a teacher may decide to walk around class only to find a student doing maths assignment during a history class. This kind of behaviour may result in a teacher deciding to suspend the student or waste five minutes of the class time for the teacher to deal with student.
Rude answer
Some students have attendance of shouting or giving very rude answers when asked a question by their teachers; either to impress their girlfriends/boyfriends or a clique of friends. This makes the class to laugh hence resulting in wasting time. Rude answers gives the teacher a very hard time while teaching(Rodger, 2007). This is because for one to know whether learning has taken place is when he/she asks a question to the student’s one expects appropriate answer or rather a trial. However when a student categorically chooses not to answer or just say I don’t know it lowers the morale of a teacher.
Unfinished or undone homework.
Homework is part of the curriculum to ensure that the student apply the knowledge they learnt in class to answer questions on their own. However some student might opt just not to do or rather go play around after class and forget to do their work. When a student does not do his/her assignment, the teacher would not know whether the student grasped the concept or not. However it will also give the teacher a hard time knowing the strength and weakness of each student and how they can be helped....

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