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Getting To Yes: Negotiation Agreement Without Giving In. (2nd Ed) Written By Roger Fisher, William Ury, And Bruce Patton.

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This book is about negotiations and is based on the Harvard Negotiation Project. This is written in APA format.Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving InIn cooperation, Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton authored the book, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, to educate readers on how to become better, more effective negotiators. They start with describing their four principles for effective negotiation: People, Interests, Options, and Criteria. In addition, they describe three common obstacles to negotiation - when the other party is more powerful, what if they won't play, and when the other party uses dirty tricks - and discuss ways to overcome those obstacles. They also emphasize that all four negotiation principles should be used throughout all three phases of the negotiation process: analysis, planning, and discussion.Separating People and IssuesThe first principle is to separate the people from the issues. People tend to take positions on a matter and become personally involved in their positions. Thus, they tend to take responses to the issues as personal attacks. The three main reasons why people do that, according to Fisher and Ury, are emotions, communication (or lack thereof), and different perceptions of the problem. Separating people from the issues allows the parties involved to address the issues without damaging their relationship.Focus on Interests, Not PositionsRather than focusing on positions, a good agreement focuses on the parties' interests. When a problem is addressed by focusing on the underlying interests, it is more likely that a solution will be found that satisfies both parties. Determining what these interests are can be accomplished by asking questions such as, "Why is this an interest to them?" and/or "Why is this not of interest to them?" In other words, try to view things from the other person's perspective. Also important to a problem resolution is the realization that each side has multiple interests. Once the interests of both parties have been identified, they must discuss them together. If a party wants the other side to take their interests into account, the interest must be communicated clearly to the other party.Invent Options for Mutual GainInventing options for mutual gains is nothing more that brainstorming to find different option that can be selected as a solution to the problem that will benefit both parties mutually. The authors point out four major obstacles that inhibit inventing numerous options. The four obstacles are:1. Parties may decide prematurely on an option and fail to consider or discuss alternatives.2. Parties tend to narrow, rather than broaden, their options and search for a single answer.3. Parties define the problem as win-lose, and an agreement comes at the expense of the other.4. Parties are concerned with only their self-interests. "Solving their problem is their problem."However, there are four techniques, according to Fisher and Ury,...

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