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Dear Readers: Football Is America: Analyzing Van Der Galien’s Judgments On Banning Football

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In the article titled, “Dear Americans: Whatever You Do, Don’t Ban College Football,” published May 26, 2012 on, Michael Van Der Galien endeavors his audience the influence of football, and how banning the sport within schools will take away the uniqueness of the sport. Van Der Galien compares football players as “gladiators”; how gladiators are known to entertain the crowd while hurting one another. No matter how dangerous the sport may be, Van Der Galien is confused on how analyst are shocked about the man injuries in football. Coming from England, Van Der Galien believes that football is freedom for America, and how “the freedom to pursue your happiness, regardless of what ...view middle of the document...

Van Der Galien writes, “I still remember the first time I watched the NFL: I was shocked – shocked. These weren’t athletes, they were gladiators. Anyone not blind could see that they were out to hurt each other and that the crowd loved them for it.” (Van Der Galien, 2012, para. 4). Using personal experiences and his opinions on experiences watching the NFL gave the reader some credibility that the author has an understanding of the topic.
Secondly, Van Der Galien acknowledges the opinions that are against his own. With quoting his opponent’s beliefs, it gives the reader some creditability of how aware Van Der Galien is with this issue, and helps him continue his argument.
“The interviewee, Malcolm Gladwell argues that college football should be banned: The factor that I think will be decisive is the head-injury issue. Colleges are going to get sued, and they will have to decide whether they can afford their legal exposure. That said, the issue ought to be how big-time college sports subverts the academic mission of university education.” (Van Der Galien, 2012, para. 8-9).
Mr. Gladwell had only concentrated his thought on head-injury based issues. Van Der Galien clever use of this quote shows the reader his opponets side, while the reader knows partially about Van Der Galien’s belief on the issue. Van Der Galien then argues or expresses...

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