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Deat Essay

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Namjoo enter the class with a smile on her face. A gasp can be heard throughout the class. “Hey, it’s Kim Namjoo.” They whisper to themselves as their eyes followed Namjoo from the way she enter the class till she sat down on an empty seat at the back of the class.

Hayoung looked up from the fashion magazine that she read since before to the amused faces of her classmates. Her brow quirk, curious of why they’re looking at her like she’s someone popular – and she did not really popular.

Wait – are they looking at me? She turns to her back just to find a beautiful girl sitting comfortably behind her.

“Ah, annyeonghaseyo… I am Namjoo, Kim Namjoo,” said the girl.

Hayoung’s jaw literally falls at the sight of the incredibly popular girl in front of her. She look at the front to the magazine on her table – Kim Namjoo, third time winner of the most successful model award – she look back at her back. Namjoo quirk her eyebrow with a smile plastered on her face.

“Ah. Annyeonghaseyo Kim Namjoo-ssi, I’m Hayoung, Oh Hayoung,” said Hayoung flustered but she managed to keep herself presentable in front of Namjoo.

Namjoo chuckled. “Aigo, don’t be flustered because of me. Anyway, just call me Namjoo,” said Namjoo as her smile got bigger. Hayoung nodded her head.

“Nae, Namjoo unnie,” said Hayoung. Namjoo crinkled her forehead, weird when she hears Hayoung’s words. Hayoung smiled shyly as she scratches the back of her head. She knows the expression written in Namjoo’s face.

“I’m still 20 years old unnie. I skipped one grade,” said Hayoung. Namjoo then smile and nodded. The lecturer enters the class.


Two girls enter the class right after the bell chimed and the lecturer goes out of the class. They skipped happily while holding hands. Hayoung look up at them as she zipped her bag and slung on her shoulder.

“Ah, Bomi unnie, Chorong unnie,” said Hayoung and smiled. They stands by her side before realizing someone popular is looking at them. Both Chorong and Bomi’s jaws literally fall when they realized who she is. “Kim Namjoo-ssi.” Namjoo smiled at them.

“Annyeonghaseyo,” said Namjoo as she bows at them. Bomi and Chorong also bowed at her with confusion written all over their face. “Annyeonghaseyo,” said Bomi and Chorong in chorus. Hayoung looked at Namjoo and smile.

“They are my unnies,” said Hayoung. Namjoo nods her head.

“This is Bomi unnie and that is Chorong unnie. They’re in their last semester this year,” stated Hayoung. Namjoo nods as her mouth formed an ‘O’. “Come on unnie, we’re going to be late for lunch,” said Hayoung.

She looked at Namjoo. “Do you want to follow us?” she asked her.

“Will it be alright?” ask Namjoo. The three smiled at Namjoo’s question.

“Of course it’s alright. Come on, we’ll introduced you to the other,” said Chorong as she led Namjoo to walk ahead. Namjoo shook her head before tugged Chorong’s arm.

“Let’s go,” said Namjoo happily.

Na Eun throws her stationaries carelessly inside her...

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