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The death penalty, or capital punishment may be spoken of as a method of the past, but ninety-four countries still employ the "˜punishment' to deter and kill murderers. Like any issue that has moral or ethical roots the death penalty has both "˜for' and "˜against' arguers. Both sides believe that their views and opinions are the one that society should follow yet it is really only possible for any society to employ one. Until this issue is discussed at length and represented evenly on both sides the ethics behind the death penalty can't be brought forward.From an early age the argument that "˜murderers deserve to die' is forced into our thinking, yet on the side the argument that "˜everyone deserves and second chance' and that "˜all life is sacred' is also force-feed to us. Society therefore has to make a choice or if possible find a balance of the two."˜Everyone has the right ot life, liberty and security of person"¦No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment' from the declaration of human rights, proclaimed by the general assembly of the United Nations 1948 In the world today there are many groups of people who believe that the death penalty has to be abolished. These include Amnesty international and the Anglican church. In most countries of the world the death penalty is a punishment of the past, however there are still over ninety countries that employ the tactic. Although the employment of this penalty no longer included crucifying, hanging, drowning, drawing and quartering, those against the use of capital punishment believe that even the methods used today are still as morbid and degrading as those used in ancient times. The abolitionists argue that capital punishment is a notion of the past that's has destroyed nations in the past and will continue to cast dark shadow over society unless abolished. There are many different groups of abolitionists, however all share in one common argument-all life is sacred. When an accused is murdered a life is taken but when the accused to is murdered that two lives have being taken all in the name of the abolitionists call a "˜scathing reform' An abolitioners main concern is that society turns the executor into another murder and that there is a lack of evidence to prove that the death penalty is actually more effective that a sentence such a life imprisonment. They believe that instead of sending these people to there death, we should in fact study their motives and personalities so as to stop others following in similar footsteps. Another main concern of the parts of society giants the death penalty is that an execution is final. Nothing can be done after the accused had being executed. If later the law was to find the person innocent than there is nothing that can be done. There is no key to release someone from death.Australia in no way resorts to capital or corporal punishment, rather we send people...

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Death Essay

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