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Death And Hate Used To Save Lives

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According to the New York Donor Network, ten-thousand New Yorkers are on the organ transplant waiting lists and a new name is added ever two and a half hours, yet the percentage of New Yorkers registered as organ donors is less than half the national average. Because of these grim numbers, the New York Donor Network launched a memorable ad campaign in August of 2013 called “Hate the Wait” to encourage organ donation registration among New Yorkers. One of these ads was placed on New York city subways (see fig. 1). The appeals to death and hate in the ad are used effectively to appeal to a much broader audience of New Yorkers apathetic to organ donation, and can help move them to save ...view middle of the document...

Without faces, viewers can put themselves in the place of the dead man and imagine the lifeless feet as being theirs. The dead man sticks out as the focus of the visual; his pale feet make an obvious contrast to the dark, moody colors which otherwise dominate the image. His lack of shoes next to the other individuals' full shoes not only make him stand out, but it's how the reader is shown that he is dead, because of the body identification tag around his toe. Although he is the main focus, he is off to the side and is the fourth in the line out of the six people shown. Placing the dead man later in line represents his place in the organ transplant line; too far back to live.
The ad also appeals to its viewer's general hate of waiting in line with a play on the idea of organ donors literally standing 'waiting in line' on transplant waiting lists to New Yorkers waiting in more mundane everyday lines. Comparing waiting in line for an organ transplant with waiting in line for a bus...

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