Death Be Not Proud By John Gunther

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Life and DeathJust as people are given the opportunity to live and thrive, people naturally, and inevitably must experience death. The book Death Be Not Proud, written by John Gunther is a story about John's brother, Johnny, and how his life plays out and ends. Gunther writes this book to provide other people who must suffer similar pains a sense of hope and sympathy. Death comes in many forms - some more painful than others, but it is important to remember that regardless of what may happen, the ending to everyone's life is death. The protagonist in this story, Johnny Gunther suffers a series of illnesses throughout his life. John and Frances, Johnny's ex wife, after having to watch Johnny suffer and eventually die, learns a lot about life and death.Johnny Gunther is a high school student who is determined, optimistic, and intelligent. After an illness lasting for about fifteen months, his life inevitably comes to an end. The first sign of his illness was a stiff neck, discovered during his spring break. It is believed that Johnny has been diagnosed with a lethal tumor. Even with operations, Johnny's condition just continues to worsen as the days go by, but he remains optimistic about it. The tumor grows bigger, and in the beginning, he is still able to endure the pain and live life to its fullest. As the symptoms become more severe and unavoidable, his physical activities are restricted, and he is treated with mustard gas, which supposedly improves tumors. Although the mustard gas improves his conditions temporarily, he still ends up...

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