Death By Aeschylus Reasons Why Teachers Should Not Force Students To Study Agamemnon

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To inflict someone?s will upon another person is morally and ethically wrong. For example, there was an incident during the 30?s and 40?s where one man?s spirit bestowed itself on the behalf of many. Some inconsiderately call this the Holocaust. An atrocity such as this cannot be satisfying and cannot emphatically be forgotten. Nor should a referral to decipher an insipid, sluggish, antiquated story about one family?s journey though a quarrelsome era. No compassionate instructor should teach Agamemnon. Agamemnon is a laborious play written by the caustic character commonly known as Aeschylus. There are reasons for the abhorrence. It is boorish, it does not fit Aristotle?s definition of tragedy nor does it fit his six elements. It is contrived, and it serves no purpose in the actor?s repertory. It is the bane of theatrical history students everywhere, and therefore the work should burn in the fiery inferno of hell with Adolph Hitler.There is a general outcry among students asking why. ?Why do we have to read this banal play?? Well friends, here is the answer.The theater teachers secretly want to torture us. There is a secret plot to make all of their pupils use their books as pillows. It may be hard to believe at first, but over time, everyone will some to realize the fact that every theater instructor has a veiled agenda. It is easy to see this fact if one were to look at the alarming rate of homework that most professors assign on a weekly basis.Take any class by anyone at any school. Tests, quizzes, written assignments, reading assignments, and actual thinking come to mind when one thinks of the absurdity of this teaching technique. Amazingly, they fit it all into one ten week session. Yet the classes are consistently intriguing. So how are students to even begin to read one play a week, let alone one that makes a person lose interest faster than a political convention for Strom Thurman? The answer is simple: the pupils are not going to do the assignment. The Orestia is far too annoying for the busy collegiate intellectual. It is under powering with is verbose, and trite with its tone.Aristotle?s definition of tragedy as described in his Poetics functions as follows, ?Tragedy is an imitation of an action? leading to pity? ending in catharsis.? A thorough reading of the play implies no pity for any character, and very little catharsis for a select few individuals. Under Aristotle?s prescribed definition, this play classifies itself as a tragedy for no reason other than the moot point that people die. This is tragic however, since few people care whether the characters of the play will survive or better yet, cease to live. There can be great indifference if there is a weak plot. The chorus of the play gives the plot mainly through a berating narrative. Through this medium of narration through a limited third person, it leaves little room to dabble in the fine art of arranging a sequence of events to tell a story. The play ends with a sentiment of...

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