Death By Food: Obesity Essay

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Negative health consequences of obesity in the general population are well supported by the available evidence, health outcomes in certain subgroups seem to be improved at an increased BMI, a phenomenon known as the obesity survival paradox. Chronic food shortage and malnutrition have been the scourge of humankind from the dawn of history. The current worldwide epidemic of obesity, now recognized as a public health crisis, is barely a few decades old. Only after the technological advances of the eighteenth century did a gradual increase in food supply became available. The initial effect of these advances in improved public health and amount, quality, and variety of food was increased longevity and body size. Obesity has become the most important threat to health of Mississippians. Obesity is a wreaking havoc on this state. Even though these food that are being prepared to taste good Mississippi is an obese state because of the food they eat. Without action, a ripple effect of negative health consequences will become a tidal wave of disease, disability and premature death. The food they are preparing is killing them and Mississippi food tend to consist of bread and deep fried material.
Foods that are deep fried are golden to perfection. When food is placed in the hot oil, rapid surface heating takes place. This leads to a quick change in the form of the surface proteins, which in turn allows only a limited flow of water from the product being deep fried. Since the surface is quickly sealed and liquid flow from the inside is limited by these changes, moisture inside the food stays largely in place. Successful deep frying produces food which is crispy on the outside and cooked right through on the inside. Deep frying involves plunging food into hot oil at a temperature of 160-190°C, in effect boiling in oil to produce a deep-fried quality. The food remains moist on the inside, and thanks to the good heat transfer properties of the hot oil, the cooking process is very fast. For good quality you need to use: A fat/oil specially intended for deep frying, the right temperature and timing for the particular food Good equipment, soundly maintained (Sumiyanto, J., Dayan, F. E., Cerdeira, A. L., Wang, Y., Khan, I. A., & Moraes, R. M., 2012). If the above conditions are met, the oil for deep frying will be preserved for as long as possible. Poor quality oil for deep frying naturally results in a poor end product. Despite the fact that deep-fried foods have a reputation for being oily or greasy, greasy food is merely a sign of poor cooking technique and not an indictment of deep-frying itself (Potter, Schneider, Coyle, May, Robin, & Seymour). (Bunge Nutrition, Graph)
Mississippi obesity could possibly be the cause of their eating and cooking habits. The food in cooked in this state tend to be deep fried and consist of bread. Deep fried food may be good be good but they are unhealthy and can cause excess weight gain and clogged the...

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