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Death Does Not Heal Essay

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Happiness does not come with death. In the final lines of the play Oedipus the King by Sophocles there is an interpretation that says no mortal being is happy until he has died freeing him from pain. However, based on evidence in the play these final lines are not true and death does not heal you from your pain. In fact, death causes you more pain and suffering. While looking at Jocasta and Oedipus’s lives they proved this interpretation wrong.
Jocasta’s life was filled with pain, suffering, and agony. After discovering that the original prophecy came true about her child she decided to kill herself. While doing so she showed the people of Thebes “her final pain” making her pain stay with all citizens and never leaving this earth (1496). With her pain still on earth she did not heal because part of her is still here not letting her forget her final moments. Even though, she did kill her self and she will “never speak again” her memories still live with everyone making her still alive (1289). When memories are left people will always know that person is still here. For Jocasta that means that she is still with Oedipus and her experiences and her pain is still present. The way that she died also caused more pain then it got rid of. “What [she did] to [herself] brought [her the] most pain” by killing herself she inflicted pain in order to get rid of the pain inside (1471). By creating this pain not only did she increase it but she also made it so that her death did not heal her suffering but instead brought even more. Thus counter acting her final actions. At the end of her life Jocasta wanted to end her suffering and forget everything; therefore, she killed herself expecting death to bring her freedom. However, this was not the case because her death showed people that “poor unhappy...

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