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Do you or someone you know smoke cigarettes? Do they know what comes with taking in those pleasurable puffs? Many don’t, that is why cigarette manufacturers ought to have more said about what is being done to these death sticks. Numerous people don’t know that the tobacco industry adjusts the nicotine levels in cigarettes to make it harder for people to quit, add ammonia to speed up the transfer of nicotine to the brain, and the industry, as a whole, has to replace those smokers who have quit or who are now dead ( With all the health risks associated with tobacco products, the ultimate risk of cancer and death, the planting, harvesting, and distribution of tobacco ...view middle of the document...

At least 350, 000 Americans were killed by cigarettes in 1986 alone (293,000) died in World War II. Cigarettes not only harm the people that smoke but also the people that surround them.
“An estimated 88 million nonsmoking Americans, including 54 percent of children aged 3–11 years, are exposed to secondhand smoke” ( There are over 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which are cancer-causing, even brief exposure to secondhand smoke is dangerous. Non-smokers can involuntarily inhale the smoke that has stayed in the air long after a cigarette has been put out ( It has also been proven that a child that has never had previous asthma symptoms before can be developing signs caused by second hand smoke. Other effects that secondhand smoke has on children are; low birth weight, lung problems in infants, acute lower middle ear infections and chronic respiratory symptoms or problems, respiratory tract infections are all down falls that smokers don’t even think to consider when lighting up one of those death sticks around young ones (bronchitis and pneumonia). The sad thing about this is that some smokers know the damage that can be done to second-hand smokers yet, don’t care and chose not to move elsewhere to smoke. Countless people just look at smoking as a cool thing to do.
Larry White, he himself and all his friends can relate to smoking being as cool as a friend who just bought a new house to party in. As a kid, he would see the people he looked up to always have a cigarette in their hand, making him without hesitation, a future smoker. (Merchants of Death) “When I started college in 1960, it seemed that everyone smoked. We’d all joke about how you couldn’t see across a room when three or four of us had been together for a few hours. So when I thought of quitting, it seemed just about impossible. Cigarettes were a necessary accompaniment to everything I did. In fact, everything else had become an accompaniment to smoking, when the phone rang I had to light a cigarette; when I met someone I had to smoke. Eating had become something I did so I could get to the cigarette at the end” (Merchants of Death). What Larry didn’t know about the cancer stick he always carried around were the secrets that the tobacco companies tried to keep from the public.
The tobacco companies have worked their asses off to try and stop every warning label that criticized their billion dollar product. Together through their urging organization, the Tobacco Institute has fought every warning-label proposal in Congress. Three federal warning-label bills have been written and in each case the industry has pushed hard to weaken the warning. The first one was passed in 1965. By that time the evidence that smoking caused lung cancer had been around for at least twelve years. In those twelve years the cancer causing stick had become socially accepted, leaving the addicts what you call, screwed. “The pitifully watered-down warning that got the Congress...

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