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Death In General Essay

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Jorman HerreraDeath in GeneralIt's been a lazy day for Thiago at his house, he has been just watching movies and eating. It's been pouring rain all day so he decided to not go out. Until the afternoon, the rain becomes just a drizzle and let's a cool breeze inside the house that gives him a chill through his skin. Throughout the whole day there was a gloomy atmosphere. Thiago has had most of the lights off in the house. It's been quiet around the house because whole family was out of town. Until he finally decides to glance at the clock, which has become 11, and feels it's time to go to sleep. He drops onto his cozy bed and wraps himself in his blankets, looking upward toward the ceiling. Shadows appear because of the gaps in the blinds getting hit by the light outside. Due to the shadows, the environment represents how Thiago feels like he is being watched. He manages to ignore it and focus on getting some rest.It becomes one of those nights where his head is full of thoughts and he knocks out of nowhere. Just random thoughts leading into another one, playing with your mind and view of your life at times. It makes you think about all of those ideas going through your mind everyday. Thiago has gotten to the moment his brain is just bringing up ideas automatically. Yet he doesn't realize this and slowly starts floating into his own dream. He feels like if he were awake but doesn't know his thoughts are coming from his dream. He gets a need of running out of the house into the darkness of his backyard. Going in deeper and deeper into the woods till the point its pitch black but surrounded by noises. Thiago thought this would have helped him escape all of his thoughts and just be able to tire himself out. He finally had the need to sleep and he just went to sleep peacefully in his bed. He didn't realize though that he just endangered his life because of some foolish thoughts in his head.Thiago was...

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