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Death Is In The Air On Flight 881 Cypress Lakes Story

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David Ferreyra
Erron Glover
Mr. Clegg
Prd. 2
Death Is In The Air
Arriving at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, stepping out of her vintage 1978 convertible driven by her chauffeur, was well known multimillionaire and entrepreneur Lisa Grace Adams. Her attire consisted of a sundress, paired with a luxurious fur coat, and designer heels specially made to her liking. She`s taking a trip for a few days to check off “Visit Dubai” on her bucket list, which is attainable for a woman of her wealth. Walking a few feet behind her were newlyweds Dan and Sarah Biles who were spending their honeymoon in Dubai days after the wedding. They stopped for a bite to eat in the airport before boarding the plane which departs in another hour. Arriving at the airport was Joseph Bennett an ex-military man who served 11 years in the Marines and has no particular reason why he is visiting Dubai, and also Meredith Grey who is a current student studying the medical field attending the last few classes before becoming a doctor in Dubai. Also, collegiate basketball player Kenny White checks in for the flight to visit his father who resides there. Walter Lee Johnson is a business man on a business meeting in the city of Dubai with his company awaiting his arrival. La`Dashia Quan an exotic dancer who is on a trip to model for a popular club in Dubai, and planning on settling there for a few years. An elderly woman by the name Linda Simmons is the last to show up for the flight to Dubai. After the ticketing process they all board the plane, and are instructed by the pilot Richard Cox, co-pilot James Anderson, and flight attendant Ashley Moore. Pilot Richard Cox informs the flyers that the flight is approximately 16 in a half hours so they should sit back and relax and enjoy their flight. Attendant Ashley Moore adds that if the flyers need anything she`ll be coasting the aisle, “so if you’re in need of anything, please don’t mind to stop me and ask.” The speaker turns on and it’s the pilot stating to buckle up for take-off. (flight take off) Everyone gets sucked into their seat and make priceless facial expressions due to the g-force and not so pleasant ear popping you get when flying. After the flight is steady the co-pilot comes out of the cockpit and offers everyone a complementary drink of personal choice. Linda Simmons puts on her headphones and immediately falls into a deep sleep. An hour into the flight the newlyweds Dan and Sarah Biles report to the flight attendant that they aren’t feeling so well, the others over hear but blow it off because they figure it’s just flight sickness. A few minutes after the attendant provided them with Aspirin the couple collapse at nearly the exact same time. All the others heard were 2 thumps one after the other, and look over to see Mr. and Mrs. Biles on the floor. Meredith Grey the medical student quickly runs over, turns over the bodies and instantly notices a white foam oozing out of their mouths. Ms. Grey quickly...

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