Death Is The Wages For Sin

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What compels a good person to turn to a life of crime? Do people’s circumstances define their character, or does character determine what circumstances a person lives under? Bonnie Elizabeth Parker is a prime example of this dilemma. Bonnie Parker was born in Rowena, Texas on October 1, 1910, to parents Henry and Emma Parker (Find a Grave). She had a younger sister named Billie, and an older brother named Hubert ( Their mother made the Parker family devout churchgoers (Guinn 46). Their father was a bricklayer, allowing the Parkers to live somewhat comfortably, until Henry Parker died in 1914 and her mother had to move the family to Cement City in Dallas to live with relatives (Find a Grave). Bonnie Parker undoubtedly had her share of hardships and negative influences in life, however she was also taught right from wrong, and was very smart. Bonnie Parker was a tenderhearted, starry eyed girl whose character was corroded by poverty, desperation, and her love of Clyde Barrow.
Bonnie had a childhood that alluded to eventual greatness. Bonnie was known by everyone as being beautiful and adorable (Rosenberg). Some of her early interests included romance novels, writing, and drama (Rosa). She was an honor student, and was always winning prizes for her essays, spelling, and public speaking (Fortune 49). One of her most notable victories was when she won Cement City’s Spelling Bee championship (Rosa). When she was younger, at her school in Cement City, Bonnie’s class had someone come to teach them elocution once a week. Bonnie was obsessed with that class. Her classroom performance was excellent, and the teacher liked her to the extent that she even got permission to occasionally bring Bonnie to spend the night with her in Dallas (Fortune 44). However, Bonnie also had a wild streak as a child. Bonnie was constantly on the search for excitement, and with her cousin Bess as her cohort, nothing could stand in her way. When they were younger, Bonnie and Bess would get countless spankings for playing in the Barn’s rafters, starting fires, and getting into their grandfather’s wine (Fortune 45, 46, 48). Although, when Bonnie’s uncle taught her to swear, it was claimed that she was too cute to paddle (Guinn 45). As a child, Bonnie never caused trouble to be spiteful. She was simply curious about her world, and longed to experience all it could offer her. (Guinn 46) Contrary to popular belief, Bonnie Parker had a good heart. Bonnie was fanatically devoted to her mother. During her brief married life, Bonnie would make her new husband Roy take her to see her mother every night, or insist on her mother spending the night with them (Guinn 49). When Bonnie and Clyde were on the run, they always tried to stay near Texas so that they could make frequent trips back to see their families (Rosenberg). Bonnie Parker also loved children. One time Bonnie’s mother came home from work to find that Bonnie and her little sister, Billie, had rounded up all...

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