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Death Isn't The End Essay

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Back in October of 2009 a twenty two year old man, Chris Brooks, came home after bowling one night. He later began to have a heart attack. He has never been diagnosed with a heart condition or any other disease for that matter. He was lying on the couch later that night in his parents’ home when his mother noticed that something was wrong. She proceeded to call 911 they introduced her with the new CPR and walked her through the procedure. Medical help arrived shortly after the mothers call for help. Chris’s mother was able to follow the directions from the 911 help and had been able to keep her son “alive”. Even though her son survived he was technically clinically dead. Lucky for Brooks ...view middle of the document...

The priest began singing to Piper. Piper who was “dead” began to sing back and when they heard noise from under the tarp they were surprised to hear he was still alive. (Inbar). When Dr. Sam Parnia was interviewed by Meredith Vieira about what he thinks the moment of death is he said:
“At least 10 to 20 percent of people who have been brought back to life will tell us they had consciousness present, and a proportion of them will tell us they were able to see doctors and nurses working on them as if they’re looking from above. When people have died, their brain goes into a flatline state, so consciousness shouldn’t be present. But it could also be that [doctors] did something amazing to get blood into their brains.”
Researches have been led to believe that when the heart stops it isn’t the end.
That being said it makes you wonder what being dead actually means and if death maybe isn’t the end.
Going into cardiac arrest is one of the most unprepared situations most people are put in, but when you know how the heart works and know what you need to do you might be able to save someone’s life. Cardiac arrest happens when your heart suddenly loses all heart functions. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, even the healthiest people, it doesn’t matter if you were diagnosed with a heart disease or not.
There number of people who go from dead and back continues to increase. So how is that when someone goes through cardiac arrest that they are able to be considered clinically dead but then later be living again like nothing had ever happened? What does the person who died and came back see? Do people have a choice to continue to die or is that choice made up for them? Some people who have clinically died say something similar to “it wasn’t their time to go so they choose to hang on.” When people go from clinically dead and back to life again is when someone has suffered from cardiac problems. Does the term clinically dead actually mean that the person is truly dead? The main question is how can we die and then live again?
Understanding how the heart works is a key factor for understanding how to save someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest. The heart is a two part system both electrical and mechanical. The mechanical part is managed by the electrical part which is managed by the neurotransmitters in the brain. The mechanical area in the heart is like a big muscle that keeps the veins contracting together to push the blood through the veins. The blood flows through many veins and valves and eventually reaches the lungs were it receives the oxygen. The oxygen is an important part that needs to make it the brain through the bloodstream. Without oxygen to the brain will go brain dead shortly. The electrical part of the heart is made up of mostly electrolytes that keep the beating. (Vacca).
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique useful for helping someone in cardiac arrest. The CPR method that has been used for many years is the...

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