Death: Natural Or Unatural Essay

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Death: Natural or Unnatural In the story of "An Hour" by Kate Chopin the main character Mrs. Mallard dies of apparent heart disease. Chopin leaves the death of Mrs. Mallard open and allows the reader to make up their mind by using their different reasons for her death. Death is not always due to natural causes and Chopin explores these through: death of Mrs. Mallard due to the joy of seeing her husband, her guilt for feeling free, and the shock of seeing him alive at the end after hearing of his death. The introduction of the story tells the reader that Mrs. Mallard suffers from a heart condition. I don't think the story would have ended with her death due to the shock of seeing her husband alive. It would most likely have been because of the guilt that she felt for planning her future without her husband so soon after his death. The surprise of seeing her husband alive would have been an easily drawn conclusion as to why her heart failed. Chopin, however, was known for her writings along that of mystery and would have made more underlying and suttle hints as to why Mrs. Mallard died. On example of her use of suttely is at the end of the story where Mrs. Mallard comes down from her room and sees her husband coming through the door, and the quote that is used is "doctors came they said she had died of heart disease "“ of joy that kills" (13). Chopin used a lot of these underlying factors in her writings to allow the reader to stretch their minds. Chopin should not have made the ending cleaner, because if Mrs. Mallard had died from guilt for feeling free she may have died earlier in the story. This would have been an uncomfortable reality based on the fact that she showed a selfish attitude after hearing of her husband's death. After Mrs. Mallard heard the tragic news of her husbands passing she began to explore the...

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937 words - 4 pages , then in the last stanza he specifically names his father. I think that in this poem Thomas is trying to express that even though he knows that death is natural he doesn't want his father to die. This creates a sort of conflict within the poem where Thomas knows that eventually death will come for everyone, but he wants to put it off as long as possible in the case of his father. Donne's view of death is that it is an insignificant thing that

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