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Death Of A Salesman Pre Reading In Class Essay: Homes

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Every creature on this planet, ranging from the magnificent lion to the crawling slime mold, has a place that it can call a home. However, only a select few of these aforementioned creatures will not only utilise their home as a structure used for securing its host from danger but also as a place to decorate. Likewise, falling into this category of home decorators is the east African plains ape. The east African plains ape is one of the only creatures on the planet Earth that has mastered the ability to talk. Dubbing itself “human”, it covers the majority of the planet with its population continuing to grow with no signs of stopping. Moreover, being put into the abovementioned category of home decorators should come as no surprise to the east African plains ape considering its tendency to take its possessions and personalizes them in ways ranging from coating them with obscene amounts of glitter to doodling its name on them in permanent marker. Additionally, these aforesaid actions, while seemingly pointless and a waste of finances, actually serve a great benefit to the east African plains ape by not only allowing it to gain a sense of belonging with regards to its possessions, but to also showcase its wealth and ability to care for a homestead.
Likewise, I, being an east African plains ape myself, live in a home. This home consists of a red brick two-story townhouse that is equipped with a dark and chilly basement, part of which my parents have converted to a movie theater. Connected by a set of creaky wooden stairs, the teal paint on which has mostly peeled off, to said basement lies the main floor on which we have our living room, where we have our 21-inch black television, couches, one chocolate brown and one sandy in colour, and wooden shelves filled with both children and young adult books. Adjacent to that lies the kitchen, where we have our stove, sink, and dining table. Then, connected to the kitchen by an opening in the house’s foundation lies the toy room, which, true to its name, is filled with various wooden shelves that contain my younger sibling’s toys that range from Barbies to board games. Later, far from all these rooms lies a set of stairs that is covered in a fuzzy pale brown carpet. Said stairs lead to the upper floor on which sits my room which, in order to fulfil my instinctual urge to gain a true sense of possession over my belongings I decorate with great care. Of course said decorations, due to my dislike for posters and bright colours, is limited mainly to wooden shelves lined with books as well as a double bunk bed whose sheets are plastered in Asian calligraphy. Moreover, I am not alone when it comes to such behaviour as my mother, due to the same reasons as well as a love of nature, covered the majority of our living room...

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799 words - 4 pages they no longer can use you. Consumerism has changed the identity of everyman. People buy goods for prestige in order to impress others instead of for need. So instead of buying just enough, they pay for way more than they need for a brand like Lexus instead of Toyota. The unequal distribution of wealth in capitalism allows for the working class to be forced out by modernism. All of these issues are a part of the capitalist system in which we live in and also the issues Arthur Miller was addressing when he wrote “Death of a Salesman”. These issues oppress everyman or the average working class Joe. This is why Willy the salesman had no worth at the end of the play.

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1229 words - 5 pages A theme is a repeated thought or idea that authors will present their audience with in their literary work. This repeated thought or idea may be deep, difficult to understand or even moralistic. Many authors utilize the characters, plot and other literary devices to assist the readers understand the theme. In "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, many themes are presented to the readers throughout the play. In Miller's play, the American Dream

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5507 words - 22 pages and economic growth. However, people have difficulty in applying this term in real life. The United States has been criticized for failing to live up to the ideals that American Dream requires. However with each character in Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller claims that blind faith in American Dream causes it to lose its real ideals. And Arthur Miller is the one who doesn't criticize the American Dream as an ideology but claims that different

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1072 words - 4 pages In the play "Death of a Salesman" there are many character that were compared to the difference between success and failure within the system. Willy and Linda are the tragic hero and heroine, but their tragedies are totally different from each other. Willy is the dreamy salesman whose imagination is much larger than his sales ability, while Linda, Willy's wife stands by her husband even in his absence of realism. From the beginning, Willy tries