Death Of Jfk, Cia/Mafia Combined Conspiracy Modern History Assignment

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The CIA, The Mafia, and The Assassination
The assassination of United States president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was orchestrated and planned by the joint cooperation of the American Mafia and the Central Intelligence Agency, their aligned motives and opportunity combined with the “patsy” of Lee Harvey Oswald are more convincing than any other conspiracy theory. Lee Harvey Oswald’s ties and sympathies towards communism corroborate evidence regarding Soviet intervention in American Politics.
Mafian motives were accelerated by the “war on crime” initiated by Robert Kennedy, disregarding their efforts to grant Kennedy the Oval. Pulitzer laureate Seymour Hersh claims this attack upon the Mafia, created plausible motive chiefly due to the “partnership created between Kennedy Sr and Sam Giancana in alcohol trafficking”. This betrayal was complemented with the deportation of New Orleans Crime Boss Carlos Marcello. Serving as an illustration of the lengths Robert Kennedy would pursue to tackle organized crime. Under cover informants cite Marcello saying: “a dog will continue to bit if you cut off its tail, whereas if you cut off the dog’s head, it would crease to cause you trouble” in relation to JFK, this suggests that the motive for an assassination was to remove Robert Kennedy from power. Months prior to November 22nd, the trio of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and Carlos Marcello were witnessed in New Orleans. According to Robert Blakey, Chief counsel for the house elect committee: the three would later be involved in the assassination of JFK. The investigation into Carlos Marcello by the Warren Commission “did not believe Carlos Marcello was a significant organized crime figure” and that he was living as a” tomato salesman and a real estate investor”. The House Select Committee reinvestigated the issue, with testimony from Edward Becker “that he had involvement in conversations which Marcello spoke about “getting the stone out my shoe and getting a nut to kill”” Lee Harvey Oswald’s mental illnesses would colloquially classify him as a “nut”. Robert Blakey addressed the House Select Committee believing Edward Becker was a “credible witness”. Blakey personally concludes that “Marcello, along with Sam Giancana were complicit in planning the assassination of the president”. Years later, FBI Prison files of 1985 were released citing Marcello’s admission “yeah, I had the son of a bitch killed [JFK]. I’m glad I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done it myself.” In spite of this admission, however, no formal investigation was launched. Lamar Waldron attains a similar conclusion to that of Blakey using the FBI Prison Files as evidence that the “New Orleans Godfather” engineered the assassination. Due to strong incriminating evidence and motive, the Mafia are a key suspect and likely masterminds of November 22nd, 1963. Comment by Toshiba-User: As Seymour Hersch claims, this attack …. “ try phrasing it that way. Comment by Toshiba-User: Remove comma. And This...

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