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Death Of King Loie Essay

2569 words - 10 pages

Transformers Season 1 51 235 Prime Target 1 101 More Than Meets the Eye - Pt. 1 52 236 Auto-Bop 2 102 More Than Meets the Eye - Pt. 2 53 237 The Search For Alpha Trion 3 103 More Than Meets the Eye - Pt. 3 54 238 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide 4 104 Transport to Oblivion 55 239 Hoist Goes Hollywood 5 105 Roll For It 56 240 The Key to Vector Sigma - Pt. 1 6 106 Divide and Conquer 57 241 The Key to Vector Sigma - Pt. 2 7 107 Fire In The Sky 58 242 Aerial Assault 8 108 S.O.S. Dinobots 59 243 War Dawn 9 109 Fire On the Mountain 60 244 Trans-Europe Express 10 110 War of the Dinobots 61 245 Cosmic Rust 11 111 The Ultimate Doom - Pt. 1 62 246 Starscream's Brigade 12 112 The Ultimate Doom - Pt. 2 63 247 The Revenge of Bruticus 13 113 The Ultimate Doom - Pt. 3 64 248 Masquerade 14 114 Countdown to Extinction 65 249 B.O.T.15 115 A Plague of Insecticons Season 3 16 116 Heavy Metal War 66 301 Five Faces of Darkness - Pt. 1 Season 2 67 302 Five Faces of Darkness - Pt. 2 17 201 Autobot Spike 68 303 Five Faces of Darkness - Pt. 3 18 202 Changing Gears 69 304 Five Faces of Darkness - Pt. 4 19 203 City of Steel 70 305 Five Faces of Darkness - Pt. 5 20 204 Attack of the Autobots 71 306 The Killing Jar 21 205 Traitor 72 307 Chaos 22 206 The Immobilizer 73 308 Dark Awakening 23 207 The Autobot Run 74 309 Forever Is a Long Time Coming 24 208 Atlantis, Arise! 75 310 ...

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