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Death Of Seals Man Movie Vs Play Movie Class Essay

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Death of the Salesman
The ‘Death of the Salesman’ movie directed by Volker and play authored by Miller are both interesting to watch and read respectively. However, it is pleasing that reading a play and viewing a movie of the play inspire diverse emotions and stimulation. The two mediums work in an unexpected way. The distinctions radiating from reading and watching originates from one's translation and how one imagines the characters. Also, when a director is producing a film from a play, he or she infuses own interpretations to the theme of the play and the roles played by the characters. The people who create films make changes that alter the flow and meaning of the script in play. The experience of watching a movie cannot be similar to reading the play on which the movie is based. Similarly, Death of the Salesman movie and play differ significantly.
To begin with, the setting of the principal scene is fundamentally extraordinary. The play starts with Willy’s arrival at home. Willy walks into the main set piece of the play or the Loman household. Miller takes time to describe the main set piece vividly. However, the movie begins with the scene where Willy is driving home. The headlights of Willy’s car are seen in the darkness. The viewer is shown Willy's reaction – panning his face – as a car passes him honking. This scene is used to elucidate how Willy has driving challenges. In the play, the writer takes time to explain these difficulties to the reader while the movie shows a shot portraying Willy...

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