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Death On The Doorstep Assignment: Create A Short Story That Includes The Following: "A Woman Is Sitting In Her Old, Shuttered House. ... The Doorbell Rings."

515 words - 2 pages

A woman is sitting in her old, shuttered house. She knows that she is alone in the whole world; every other thing is dead. The doorbell rings.There is a deep booming voice filling the air. It is shaking the very foundation of the house. The voice is demanding that the woman come open the door immediately. The woman is hesitantly reaching for her old, wooden cane. She decides to slowly creep to the door. As she approaches the door, she places her hand on the cold, metal doorknob. She flings the door wide open with an anxious jolt of fear. The woman is greeted with a sight frightening enough to make every hair on her body stand on end. The ghastly figure is semi-transparent, but has a bluish tint that makes it slightly visible."You time has come!" booms a voice that is seeming to come from the air-based figure in front of her."Who, or rather what, are you?" the woman cries out in a very panicked squeal."I am your worst fear! I have already destroyed everything else on the wretched planet, but it is now your turn! I am death itself!"The old woman is on the brink of fainting. She is trying her hardest not to do so. She knows she must think of something that she could do to try to get on Death's good side, provided he has one."I was just about to have lunch, would you care to join me?" the woman is asking in a voice as polite as imaginable."Maybe just a sandwich wouldn't hurt," the figure says...

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722 words - 3 pages pivotal roles in making the short story "The Rocking-Horse Winner" the classic that it is today. Had the boy not grew to yearn so deeply to please his mother, he may have lived. Had the story not been so suspenseful I may have not wanted to read the ending. Had there not been such a fantastic twist, as him getting the one thing he worked so hard to obtain then dying, I may not have enjoyed the short story! It was a brilliant story emphasizing the themes: luck drives the boy to death and money cannot buy happiness.

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