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Karla MaciasProfessor ColeEnglish 103July 31, 2014Claim/Reason - In the essay called "The Death Penalty: Is It Ever Justified?", Edward I. Kloch, talks about the position he takes in the subject of capital punishment. He states "I support the death penalty for heinous crimes of murder…" (489). In the essay, Kloch is addressing to the opposition his arguments. He claims that he is for the death penalty and bases his examples in the rebuttals against the opponents.Grounds - The author supports his position in this subject with a sequence of facts mentioned in his essay. The strongest fact mentioned in Koch´s argument is that "in America the murder rate climbed 122 percent between 1963 and 1980" (485). Also, he says that "no other major democracies are plague by a murder rate such as that in the United States. The reason why Koch sustain his position about the death penalty is because he says that "we may not like the death penalty, but it must be available to punish crimes of cold-blooded murders, cases in which any other form of punishment would be inadequate and, therefore, unjust" (484).Warrant - Koch´s main point is to give death penalty to murders, in order to do justice for their crimes. The main reason for this is because "human life deserves special protection, and one of the best ways to guarantee that protection is to assure that convicted murderers do not kill again. Only the death penalty can accomplish this end" (485). As citizens of this country,we need to "create a society, in which injustice is not tolerated, incidents of murder will diminish" (484).Backing - There is a purpose why the author is trying to convince his opponents about the capital...

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