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Death Penalty And The Mentally Retarded

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DEBATE SPEECHHonorable judge, worthy opponents. Please picture this scene. The teacher stands in the doorway of her classroom trying to get her first grade students to line up for library. Kayla Rolland, six years old, stands patiently waiting in line. One of the boys in the class approaches Kayla and withdraws a gun from his pocket and shoots Kayla in the chest. A half-hour later Kayla is dead. This is a true story. This six-year-old child will not receive the death penalty. Said County Prosecutor Arthur A. Busch and quote "His actions were naughty in his mindset, what he understood is a different matter. There is a presumption in law that that a child is not criminally responsible and can't form an intent to kill. Legally he can't be held criminally responsible." So if we don't hold six-year-olds responsible for murder because they are unable to comprehend the consequences of their actions can we hold a person who intellectually and psychologically is on a six-year-olds level responsible? Said Senator Ellis of Texas "Just like you don't execute children, we should not execute those who have the mental capacity of a child."Many organizations have become involved in the effort to stop this unjust practice of executing the mentally retarded. The Arc along with the AAMR; the APA and 8 other organizations supported and signed the amicus curiae brief in the Penry vs. Lynaugh, which supports the abolition of the death penalty for people with retardation. In addition, the Arc adopted an official position statement in 1993 titled "access to justice and fair treatment under the criminal law for people with mental retardation", which advocates for the prohibition of the death penalty for people with mental retardation.38 states in the United States of America have crimes that are punishable by death. 13 of those states have enacted legislation that prohibits the execution of people who are mentally retarded.Strong supporters of the death penalty such as Jeb Bush and Florida's Attorney General Bob Butterworth even agree that it is cruel and unjust to execute a person who is mentally retarded. A poll was taken in Texas as to whether on not the people supported the death penalty. Of the people questioned 86% supported the death penalty, but of those 86%, 73% opposed executing mentally retarded people.There are many difficulties with how our justice system deals with these mentally retarded people and we must address these problems. There are 5 main parts to our plan.1) To train law enforcement officers as to how to recognize and handle mentally retarded suspects2) To administer IQ tests to the suspect before the trial begins and tohave previously administered I.Q. tests examined3) There should be a standard IQ of 70 or lower for a suspect to be considered mentally retarded4) There should be a board of psychiatrist that decides whether or not the suspect is mentally retarded.5) Instead of being put in jail with the other prisoners there should be a special...

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