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Death Penalty During Medieval Times Essay

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The ways punishments are used have been affected by the views of many societies. Some influences that lead to changes in punishments are religious views and the different statuses of the people. From the medieval period of Roman Britain to today’s society the changing religious views led to the punishments themselves being altered. Societies whose punishments have changed throughout time include Roman Britain and Ancient Greece.
The death penalty was used frequently during the medieval times in Roman Britain to discourage the people from committing any types of crimes. Criminals were sentenced to death for committing a range of crimes, the most common being felonies including theft and ...view middle of the document...

If a criminal was charged with a more serious crime they may be given a jail sentence. They would have to endure a lifelong prison sentence in which they have a much longer time to regret the crime they have committed. The Catholic Church is now a much larger part of society and has an immense power over the way punishments were used in regard. They believed that instead of executing a criminal, it was beneficial to give them a second chance in which they were able to repent for their sins and be saved. Punishment throughout Roman Britain had changed immensely as of direct influence of the Catholic Church.
In Ancient Greece the death penalty was also a common means of punishment, a method of execution included apotympanismos. This was the execution of a criminal that was often performed as a bloodless crucifixion. The criminal was fastened to a board with iron collars around their wrists, ankles, and neck, and the collar around the neck was often gradually tightened to strangle the accused. The criminal would die either from starvation or suffocation, depending on the crime committed and the executioners preferred method. There were no official laws or punishments during this time; the death penalty was believed to be used to rid the earth of human pollution. The wealthier class of people would not face the crucifixion, but would rather be ostracised and...

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