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Death Penalty Government Sabctioned Homicide Essay

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In the United States we take great pride in that we are an open free country that welcomes anyone from around the world looking for a better life. Therefore, it is surprising that we surpass other countries in the number of people that are incarcerated in our jails and prisons. Even more startling is the fact that among all the Nations in the world the United States is constantly in the top five nations that executes the most prisoners. The number one reason why most prisoners in the United States are on death row is for capital crimes, such as homicide. Homicide as defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “the act of killing another person” (Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, 2014). The death penalty is an archaic form of punishment that has been plagued with an alarming number of controversy’s and mishaps that has leaders from all over the world calling for an end to this cruel and unusual form of punishment. The leaders of the civilized world are calling for an end to the horrifically botched death penalty cases, and the number of innocents on death row. Another controversial topic is the staggering amount of money that is needed for just one death penalty case versus life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Around the world people are beginning to wake up and realize that taking another person’s life as a form of punishment is not only archaic, but also constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. The United Nations has been making some of the most advances towards a world without a death penalty and greater human rights. In nineteen-forty-eight the United Nations adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, which states that everyone has a right to live and not be subject to “cruel and degrading punishment”. Since then the United Nations has adopted another ten resolutions calling for a moratorium on the death penalty worldwide. According to Amnesty International “over two-thirds of the countries in the worlds (141) have now abolished the death penalty in law and practice” (The Death Penalty and International Human Rights Standards, 2012). I find it very disturbing that the United States is ranked in the top five countries that are notorious for civil rights violations (China), state sponsored terrorism (Iran and Yemen), and mentally unstable dictators (North Korea). The United States is one of the biggest members of the United Nations and yet they are refusing to obey the policies and laws that have been enacted by the United Nations to abolish the death penalty. Although it’s not only the rest of the world that has a problem with the death penalty it is also happening among the individual states. In the United States eighteen states including the nation’s capital have abolished the death penalty. This brings us to another disturbing fact to consider the city of Washington, D.C. Which is controlled by the United States Congress and they have abolished the death penalty within their territory, however, the Federal...

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