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Death Penalty: In Costa Rica Essay

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SongAnthony Song Lara13 November 2013Death Penalty: In Costa RicaThroughout the time, the decision about the life of a person has provoked discussions and fights. Consequently, people have tried to stop or promote this practice in different ways due to the disagreement between opinions. Therefore, death penalty has become into one of the most argued topics because of the reasons why agree or disagree with it. In this country, many people do no defend this idea due to the religion values that are already established. For example, it is supposed that people do not have to kill each other because anybody can decide when a life ends. Moreover, individuals should not deny somebody water due to the fact that it is a basic necessity and it is free in almost every part of the world. Also, it is expected that a person does not have to forbid others access to education and a second opportunity because every person has different attitudes and ways to overcome. However, the right to life, basic necessities and education are not strong enough reasons to contradict the aspects why being in favor of this proposal.First, rights such as the one that states that everybody can live are written in the constitution; thus, defenders argue that it is not possible to do the contrary because it is supposed that people have to follow the rules. However, if Costa Rica permits this idea, a main benefit would emerge. Through that, overcrowding could be decreased in jails which reduce significantly fights and escapes. According to International Centre for Prison Studies which states that "En ocasiones el hacinamiento es tan grave que muchas vidas corren riesgo. Entonces podría ser conveniente en forma urgente fondos para resolver la crisis a corto plazo y evitar muertes entre los reclusos" (8). Those savings can be used in order to approve this proposal and find the easiest way to finish with a criminal life. As a result, the population in jails is going to decrease which means that problems between prisoners such as quarrels, bangs, riots and so on will present a considerable reduce. Therefore, a very useful and quick method that can solve over population in prisons is death penalty.Second, prisoners have the same right that every individual possesses when referring to basic necessities such as water, food, clothing and electricity. Therefore, people who disagree with death penalty do not allow that someone violates such needs. Nevertheless, those aspects are not for free; they are afforded by the government which invests thousands of colones on that. For example, Lucia Dammert states in her research that "the monthly cost to maintain a person inside the jail in Costa Rica is for four thousand seventy seven dollars and nine cents" (17). As a result, it is a fact that the maintenance of captives in prisons is very expensive and it diminishes the country's capital. On the other hand, if death penalty is allowed, that amount of money can be used in order to improve...

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