Death Penalty: Why It Is Moral And Humane.

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The Death PenaltyFor several decades the death penalty has been a litigious issue. Numerous intellectuals as well as the general public often debate the morality of capital punishment and whether or not it should be legal. The death penalty should be legal because of the theory of "an eye for an eye", how it helps in reducing murders, and the fact that the death penalty is not inhumane.Though there is no question in many minds of American citizens that the death penalty should be legal, there are still the select few that have reasons for opposing capital punishment. It is felt that many of the prisoners executed were guiltless and did not get an unbiased trial. The idea of innocent people being put to death literally makes people nauseous. Others believe that the death penalty violates the constitution under the "cruel and unusual punishments" section. The decision of which criminals deserve the death for their actions and which do not causes many citizens to lean away from execution as a penalty.One of the principal theories of the Middle Ages was "an eye for an eye", which means something like "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". How dare a person take the very life of another living being? A person has control of his or her own destiny, and no other human should have the right to take that control away. However, when they do, something more than the life sentence should be given. Thousands of convicted murderers sit securely in jail sucking up the tax money of people who choose to abide by the laws. It is truly disgusting to hear of these despicable human beings living a more comfortable life in prison than many people will ever live. It is as a spokesperson once said: "Murderers should suffer, and life imprisonment is insufficient suffering as retribution for taking a life."(Bedau, 1978; Finkcenauer, 1988).Though it is not scientifically proven that the threat of the death penalty drastically reduces murders, it is a very strong idea. It is hard not to see...

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'The death penalty is justified because it - and it alone - pays proper respect to the importance of human life.' What is your view on this?

1305 words - 5 pages . Freedoms of individuals should, theoretically, be respected and unhindered but it cannot, and must not, infringe on another's rights. If one takes away the right to life of another person (as murder clearly does), at that moment he himself has already forfeited his right to life.Instead let us examine how the death penalty serves to protect the people, and why in the administration of the death penalty, it is not hypocritical. There are the

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3489 words - 14 pages Death Penalty and Deterrence Ever since the beginning of time man has committed crimes. Crimes were described as acts which go against the social and moral norms of society and people. People have learned to deal with these crimes in many different ways. One of the most used forms of dealing with crime is punishing those who commit crimes. There are numerous ways in which people have punished those who commit crimes throughout history from

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1644 words - 7 pages the death penalty is constitutional, damns the Constitution and diminishes the Court. It does not legitimize the punishment or the Court that validated it (Mello 13). Racism exist, and is against the fundamental law of this nation, whenever people of different races exists, and is against the fundamental law of this nation, whenever people of different races are treated differently by any public agency or institution as a consequence of their

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2260 words - 9 pages DEATH PENALT AND MORALITYCapital Punishment is the legal infliction of thedeath penalty. In the United States capitalpunishment is legal in thirty-nine of the fiftystates. Beginning in 1973, prison populations beganan inevitable growth. There were 204,211 inmates in1973, and by 1977 the number of prisoners had grown to285,456, which later grew to 315,974 in 1980. By1976, it was clear that the death penalty had to bereinstated. America's twenty

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1319 words - 5 pages murderer stays in the cell is extreme isolation between sentencing and execution. The murderer stays in the cell for twenty-three hours (Wolf 47). That?s not enough time to breathe. The murderers are mistreated on the death row and that is why the death row should be abolished all together. The death penalty is racist, it punishes the poor, it causes the innocent to die, it is not a deterrent against violent crime, and it is cruel and unusual

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1239 words - 5 pages not commit these crimes again. The United States should use the death penalty because it is economical and continues to be a deterrent for potential offenders. Take into consideration that the Constitution states that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can not be taken away without due process. The offenders committing the brutal, heinous crimes have not applied this right to the victims of their crimes. Why should the government

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1141 words - 5 pages punishment all over the world.   Although many claim that the death penalty is reasonable punishment for murderer saying "an eye for an eye", and arguing " the punishment must fit the crime", this simply is an act of talking away the last right of humans. The statement itself is a contradiction. If "an eye for an eye" was equally applied to every crime, it could be seen as reasonable. But people who stole something go to jail

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764 words - 4 pages will be a final vote on rather to continue the use of Capital punishment in Georgia. Society should not have the power to end a criminal life, as it is revenge more than punishment. This immoral condition is what makes rejecting the death penalty morality necessary for those who refuse to accept an unequal administration of punishment. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” The death penalty is not moral. “Death sentences are imposed

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1056 words - 4 pages      The death penalty is absolutely outrageous. There is no real reason that the government should feel that it has the right to execute people. Capital punishment is murder just as much as the people being executed murdered. The is no need for the death penalty and it needs to be abolished. It goes against the Constitution which states that there will be no cruel and unusual punishment. There is nothing crueler than

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3164 words - 13 pages an average of about 150 executions per year. That number rose until about 1938 then began to decline until 1967, when executions in the U.S. came to a halt. There was no law or court ruling that resulted in this, it was more of a self-induced moratorium on the state level. The legal and moral questions seemed to be coming into play. Then a ruling in 1972 by the U.S. Supreme Court stated that the death penalty under current statutes is 'arbitrary

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1230 words - 5 pages People are born into different beliefs and understanding of many worldly controversial topics. One of those topics is the death penalty. When a question is raised on such a topic, there are many ideas that are sparked. One controversial question that people ponder on is; is the death penalty an ethical way of reducing crime? It is interesting not only to see different opinions but to see data that supports and complements those opinions

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