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Professor HepburnEnglish 130217 Sept. 2012Death RowThe death penalty shouldn't be abolished for many good reasons, one of them being that it brings people to justice. But, unfortunately it costs a lot of money, money that could be used toward other beneficial programs. I believe the death penalty should be carried forward, but at the same time for them to adjust it. Adjust it in a way that will save the government but also save the lives of innocent people put on death row. Many innocent lives can be saved from death row simply by investigating the case more and applying modern science. Modern science is a key factor when it comes to sentencing someone. Evidence must be seriously taken into account because it can determine weather the person deserves the death penalty or not. The death penalty shouldn't be something to hesitate about, when its obvious that the person in guilty.The death penalty might be one of the most expensive trial processes there is but it removes many unworthy people from the community, which keeps our people safe. The death penalty can help remove ruthless unworthy people from doing harm to anyone else. According to Kent Scheidegger, "three-quarters of the people believe it should be imposed at least as often as it is at present" (965). Wouldn't you want the person who relentlessly took your loved one's life pay with his own?Death row should be exclusively reserved for the citizens that have truly been trialed correctly and thoroughly inspected. in the words of Richard Dieter, "The death penalty divides the community by distinguishing between "worthy" and "unworthy" victims" (965). Death row is not a game that you can play with. A man's life is not a chess piece, it is simply unethical to "check mate" a man's future because of a bias opinion. Death is a very serious matter and should be depicted as so. If you were at absolutely no fault to the crime that you are being framed of, wouldn't you want someone to hear your side of the story? Wouldn't you want someone to hear you out and save your life?I have heard multiple stories of innocent men who were sentenced to death row simply because they didn't have...

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1816 words - 7 pages (Halperin). There was a hit on the photos when some staff members at hotel positively identified them. After hours of a high-speed pursuit, it was on an Arizona highway that police finally arrested Jones and Coats (Halperin). Roger Glen Jones Jr., who was executed in late October, began his stint on death row after being found guilty on February 17, 2000. Jones’s accomplice, Scott Nordstrom, like Jones, received the death penalty for the robbery

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1802 words - 7 pages an innocent man or woman, who is now strapped to a bed waits, watches, and prays for that telephone to ring. They die waiting. In the 1995 movie Dead Man Walking, Sean Penn played a death row inmate Matthew Poncelet. Poncelet was convicted of the murder and rape of two young teenagers. He was sentenced to the death penalty and his accomplice was not. This proves that there are ways to get out of capital punishment. Perhaps if you have enough

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625 words - 3 pages “Is the government doing enough?” that’s a question most people ask themselves when starting a debate about a sensitive topic. In the Untied States, the capital punishment is limited. People often find it cruel and heartless to punish people by the death penalty. The death penalty is a sensitive topic everywhere; people are either with or without death penalty. Death penalty should be a punishment for murders, rapist and people who commit a

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1128 words - 5 pages punishment, as opposed to so many women who, like Casey Anthony, find more leeway in the court system. Of the 1,369 executions of criminals on death row conducted in the United States since 1976, 14 of these criminals were females. In total death sentences, women make up only about 2.1% of the executions. Furthermore, the state of Texas, which holds the highest rank in capital punishment, only 5 women have been executed, while 505 men have been

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616 words - 2 pages Monday, March the 13thTexas state prisonMom,When you get this letter, I will not be a part of this world anymore. This is my last chance to say what I want to say. I want it to be a message of pure honesty. The last eight years have been very difficult for me. I barely ever slept because I was too nervous. Guards flashed lights in our faces almost every hour, to check on us. My cell felt like a box. I was losing all of my senses. Life on death

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1489 words - 6 pages around $150 Billion a year which is almost equal to 10% of national medical budget. It also acknowledges that in United States obesity is epidemic and is the leading cause of death and ascribed to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Pharmacist Stevens thinks that the problem might relate to cultural feeling about the food. Parents often mold the kids by making them finish the entire plate. She refers to this as “clean the plate formula” (Haygood

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1275 words - 5 pages As of January 1, 2010, 3,261 people live on death row (“Death”). Fewer than 3,261 people live in my small town of Belle Plaine, so to me this number is outrageous. Inmates that wait on the death penalty jail create a problem for everyone in the country. If we would put these inmates through the death penalty quickly, we could take the problem away from the country. Why do we keep murderers and criminals on death row around? People argue the

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1702 words - 7 pages death penalty. A. History of the death penalty in Georgia. B. Statistical information on the death penalty in Georgia. C. Reason for putting a person on death row in Georgia. Topic II. Georgia’s process for putting someone on death row. A. The sentence process for a Georgia death row inmate. B. The mental and physical conditions of the death row inmate. C. Length of execution date for in an inmate. Topic III. Warren Hill on death row in Georgia. A

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768 words - 4 pages say that another man had killed the officer, about a dozen other people had also indicated that it was a different man and other witnesses have said they heard the criminal brag that he has shot the officer. The case had sent Jones to death row for sixteen years. Suspicion began to rise as the main witnesses against Jones had recanted, two of the key police officers had left the police department randomly, and the allegation that one of them beat