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Death Row: Is There Any Room For A Second Chance?

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"An eye for an eye...," a scripture from Exodus 21:23, has become the modern saying when bringing justice to the guilty. Especially, for a murderer on death row. Death row is a difficult thing to discuss about. Choosing who gets to live or die; there is no correct answer. But, then again, is there even a wrong answer? Everyone dies, but should we be given the power to end the life of a another? I want to support the acts of the justice system about death row. However, at the same time, I do not trust the people within the justice system to carry out that final sentence.
Is the death sentence an affective tool, to bring justice to the guilty? "People fear nothing more than death", said ...view middle of the document...

.." Ross Feingold, JD continued. " Let us pause to be certain we do not kill a single innocent person."
Glen Chapman , an innocent man who was wrongly accused, spent fifteen years on death row. Only because the authorities had concealed evidence that would declare Chapman innocent. Levon Jones was another innocent person who was sentenced to death row. Levon Jones' lover purposefully lied to the court against Levon Jones, just get the reward money. These two men, are just the few examples of how the legal system can be easily flawed and manipulated. It is very disheartening that the people whom are paid by the tax payers, are just as flawed as we are. Although , that is what reality is, it is also a problem that shouldn't be forgiven.

“I would rather catch them all, but as soon as you execute one person that is wrongfully convicted you become no better than the person that committed the crime in the first place,” said Gary. How can we be even sure if the person accused for the murderous crime is actually guilty? However, because of...

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