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Capital punishment is sometimes referred to as the death penalty in the US and it the lawful infliction of the death sentence. In the year 2003, the punishment was still in use in various states in the US as a mode of deterring offenders from committing serious offences. Perhaps this is the case because of the fact that in many jurisdictions and not only the US consider Capital punishment as an effective way of reducing the serious offences even though despite the numerous complaints that have been echoed in various quarters. The penalty may be achieved by use of numerous ways, different states use different ways to carry out these sentences and it depends on the laws of that ...view middle of the document...

Some of them included capital punishment while others failed to include the punishment in their constitution. However, after sometimes all the colonies that had ignored to include the sentence had included it. When the Congress was first put in place in 1790, the house enacted laws that gave power to capital punishment in regards to violent crimes such as Robbery with violence, murder, rape, and public embezzling. Afterwards in the 19th century, there were increased death sentences which have been recorded in the 1391 executions. The punishment continued to be carried on for sometimes by many states; currently 32 states together with the military court systems carry out the sentence.

Argument against Death Sentence
The national moratorium was places on death as capital punishment in1967. And in the same year the US Supreme Court indulged in the constitutionality of the penalty. In the case of Furman v Georgia it appeared as though an end to the operation of the death sentence would be made. In the case the judges held that certain capital punishments are not only unconstitutional but also cruel unjustifiable and that the juries were putting it to wrong use.
Many Abolitionists have continued to argue that the trial and execution of death sentence is very expensive and costly to the taxpayers and should be done away with. A mandatory state review costs approximately $70,000 and when the appeal proceeds to the federal status, the cost is approximately $275,000. They argue the punishment of life imprisonment is more effective and would help save taxpayers money.
In the cases that have been brought against the Supreme Court. The court has upheld the constitutionality of the sentence, but there has been division in the court. This shows that even though the court has stuck to its guns, not many are convinced on the effectiveness of the sentence. It is basing on this reason that...

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