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Death: The End Or A New Beginning

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What is death? If you were to look it up in a dictionary it would probably read “the loss of life” or “ceasing of all vital functions”. To us being human it could mean one of many things depending on your beliefs. To most it meant the end of a life, to others a shortcut to avoid the inevitable, or even the beginning of something new.
Unfortunately, today our conception of death has changed drastically over time. Many like you and me will never truly understand death’s true meaning unless experienced firsthand. The subject of death is shrouded in mystery, folklore, and different meanings from every culture on this planet. Death should not be something to fear for it’s a natural part of life. ...view middle of the document...

Most people wouldn’t think much about death because it would be the last thing on their minds compared to their other priorities. If a near death experience were to be involved then it would change that person to appreciate their life more.
You would think that there would be nothing good from death, although there are things that some people could learn something new about themselves that they would have never thought of in the first place or could be a mercy killing.
“Two young women - teenager Jahi McMath in California and mother Marlise Munoz in Texas - have both been deemed brain-dead, a final state according to statutes. Beyond that determination, however, the cases have taken dramatically different paths and reveal the many complexities involved.”
Cases such as these two women would have no bodily functioned what so ever. Their loved ones can either give them two choices. One to keep them on life support for the rest of their remaining lives or two allow doctors to help their patients die to free them of their tortured states. It could also be on the path to enlightenment, an old college professor Morrie Schwartz has suffered a terminal neurological disease called ALS. The disease slowly works its way through the body stopping motor control. The disease slowly took away most of his body functions until it finally reached his lungs and suffocated. During his remaining time that he could still speak, he slowly enjoyed the fruits of life even when he was mostly bound to his home. He concentrated on appreciating what he had and finally detaching himself from his life so he can pass on in peace without regrets. In Morrie’s remaining moments he’s felt more alive than he has ever felt in his entire life.
Although many others would not be so open minded as Morrie, instead most people would focus on the fear, worried about their attachments, or worried that they might have not fulfilled their beliefs. These would be common factors because we don’t prepare for the inevitable. People would be afraid, afraid to lose their life, afraid to let go of it, or afraid of what would become of what and who they left. Another issue would be religion; people would be focused on meeting their requirements to make sure they ascend to heaven.
It can also affect loved ones as well who are not ready to lose that person. A...

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