Debate 2 Should Same Sex Marriages Be Permitted

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Another paper written for my "Marriage & Intimacy" class this one deals with the subject of same-sex marriages and the varying impacts that could occur in today's "classic" family structure if they were permitted. The assingment was to read both sides of this argument out of our text and then summarize each, make a case for each, and lastly present our view and support why this is what we believe.Should Same-Sex Marriages Be PermittedSame-sex marriages are probably one of the most controversial issues of the times and will most likely remain this way for some time to come. However as with any controversies there are strong proponents to each side of the issue and in this particular case I am referring to Andrew Sullivan and James Q. Wilson. Andrew Sullivan is for same-sex marriages and supports his ideals through the belief that the legalization of same sex marriages will overall improve the lives of homosexuals and even how they are viewed by society. On the other hand James Q. Wilson is clearly opposed to the idea of legalizing same-sex marriages supporting his claims through ideals of religious and natural laws, and the negative implications that legalization "could" have on society.Andrew Sullivan believes that there is really no just reason why same-sex marriages should not be legalized. He proposes that this legalization would "basically" remedy the overall negative view that the general population has toward homosexuals. In fact he seems to believe that legalization would be such a remedy for society that he even stresses how both liberal and conservative parties should be in favor of the idea. His theory on liberals is that simply because marriage is a public institution and that since the focus of this institution is an emotional, financial, and psychological bond between two people, it should be available to anyone. As for the conservative theory, Sullivan centers on being opponents of co-habitation and thus should support the traditional idea of marriage as the final step in two people expressing their everlasting love for one another. Perhaps the best summary of the overall ideals expressed by Andrew Sullivan is one of his own statements that "So long as intelligent people understand that homosexuals are emotionally and sexually attracted to the same sex as heterosexuals are to the other sex, then there is no human reason on earth why it should be granted to one group and not the other."James Q. Wilson writes about three distinct reasons why the legalization of same-sex marriages is religiously/morally, naturally wrong, as well as simply wrong for our society. The excerpt from the book of Leviticus without a doubt makes it clear that homosexuality is an "abomination" of what God has created. Wilson then...

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842 words - 3 pages any of it. So, you can see a marriage certificate is so much more than just a piece of paper between 2 people bonding them for life.The case for same-sex marriages starts and ends with equality. Why should 2 consenting adults be denied a right that other adults just like them are allowed, just because of their sexual preference? America is a free society, where the government has limited power in the lives of its citizens. Our government should respect every person, and not be biased towards one group or another. Our country allows people the right to freedom, freedom included who and what we choose to be and it shouldn't limit what we can do as that person.

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1561 words - 6 pages doing is signing a piece of paper that says you do not believe the state should be interfere with the wishes of same-gender couples who wish to marry. This is a way of showing your support for your friend and loved one without having to actually go out and make marriage legal for them. It does not necessarily mean that you want to legalize same-sex marriages, only that you do not believe it is an issue that the State should interfere with. This is

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939 words - 4 pages Homosexual marriages should be universally acknowledged in American society ? Its not about being fair, its about being understanding and tolerant of diversity. In Anna Quindlen's essay, ?Evan?s Two Moms?, she discusses the hardships of living in a same-sex marriage. Homosexual relationships are looked down upon by society. It is as if their constitutional rights do not even exist. They are looked down upon for desiring to get married, adopting

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913 words - 4 pages issue. The debate for the most part stems from two very different opinions. La Shawn Barber, author of “Interracial Marriage: Slippery Slope?” opposes same sex marriage and strongly believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Andrew Sullivan, author of “The Right's Contempt for Gay Lives” supports same-sex marriage and believes that any two people that want to be married should be allowed to do so, regardless of one’s sex. Supporters

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