Debate: Is There Violence In Sports? This Debate Covers The Aspects Of Violent Behaviors That Occur On The Playing Field And Off. This Debate Covers The Pro Side Of The Argument.

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Debate: Violence in sports is a problemToday we live in a society that is dominated by sport. In addition to being public family entertainment, violence plays a huge part in sports. Violence is a problem in sports because athletes often have unethical and immoral behavior both on the playing field and off. Although there is no clear answer to what exactly causes violence in sports, there are several factors that play a huge part in it.The media plays a big part in sports violence. Because of the mass exposure that sports are given in our society, athletes are given plenty of publicity to the public eye. According to the Daily Aztec Editorial:"The cycle works something like this: A talented athlete enters pro sports world filled with other talented athletes. The pressure cooker of pro sports causes rookies to publicly vent out frustrations during games or rookies look to make names for themselves by pursuing a "bad" image. Result: endorsement contracts for selling goods."This process is further facilitated by the uneducated fan, who seems to be more bloodthirsty the less he or she knows about the sport.When one were to think about a violent sport hockey may come to mind. Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport that is loved and played by children and teens. Currently about 260,000 children and adolescents under 19 yrs of age play hockey. Sports injuries are common and have a significant impact on healthcare costs. According to a national study of injuries, "falls and sports related injuries are the leading causes of hospital stays and emergency department visits among children." Violence in hockey is a problem in all levels of play, and body checking is what mostly contributes to it. Investigators in one study concluded...

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