Debate: Inform Parents Of Unborn Child's Mental Disability?

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        Should doctors inform expecting parents of an unborn child's mental disorder/disability for the sole purpose of allowing them to decide whether or not to continue in the pregnancy?

        Parents of children with mental disorders or disabilities have no easy job, and it is often extremely difficult when the parents are not prepared to handle such a child. I have been fortunate enough not to have a more pesronal connection to this topic, but I feel that the parents of an unborn child should try to know everything they can about the unborn child, so as to make both the child's and parents' lives better. There should never be a reason to withhold information from a parent regarding their child. The controversial topic is whether or not to abort the pregnancy.

        If a family is not capable of taking care of a child with a severe mental disability, let it be for financial or emotional reasons, the parents most likely should not continue with the pregnancy. This information, however, should be revealed early on in the pregnancy so as to make the abortion easier. I do not believe that parents should (they shouldn't, but the should be allowed to by sheer right of choice) abort a pregnancy based upon a slight mental disorder or for other non-life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, the statstics show that only 30% of parents that discover their child has a mental defect actually continue with the pregnancy and that is a frightening statstic.

        An argument for this would be that people would be doing a form of genocide and that such...

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