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I sometimes wonder none of us would have been here if this country did not embrace, promote and accept multiculturalism as a way of life, and a way forward. I am sure we are all beneficiaries of this great value system. The freedom, the fairness, the joy, the choices that we enjoy, we relish and we cherish comes from this diversity and multiculturalism of Australia that we are proud of and we admire.
Good morning, honourable adjudicator, members of the opposing team, and Ladies and gentlemen.
My name is ……………….. and I am the first speaker of the affirmative team. As the affirmative team, we strongly believe and will prove to you that multiculturalism is good, and in fact, in every way beneficial to the contemporary Australian society

We, define multiculturism as a term which describes the cultural and ethnic diversity of a country.
Meaning we as the affirmative teams believes that multiculturalism is the cornerstone for building a peaceful, cohesive, coherent and vibrant society.
Ladies and gentlemen, unity through diversity builds a better nation
As the first speaker of the affirmative team, I will discuss the benefits of multiculturalism on the Australian society. I will explain how multiculturalism promotes peace and allows Australia to experience and understand different cultures and how it therefore will lead to a better and unified nation.
My first point today, ladies and gentlemen, is that multiculturalism promotes understanding of different cultures and widens the knowledge of the Australian society. Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you will agree with me that an understanding of something, someone or some issue will change the way you perceive that particular individual, thing or issue. To put this into perspective, consider this; your teacher instructs you of a new student of Nigerian Origin who will join your class next week. I am certain that before even meeting the new student, you would have already started making conclusions...

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