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Imperialism is the act of adding more territory to your nation by establishing dominance over the other nations. During the Spanish American war, America received Guam and Puerto Rico. They also received the Philippines for 20 million dollars. America has constantly interfered with other countries by establishing it’s economic, cultural, and military influence over other countries. This side of the group repeatedly brought up the fact that, America has established its military dominance across certain parts of the world for oil control; many people believe US is lurking around the Middle East for its vast abundance of oil.
America gives a substantial amount of foreign aid to various countries worldwide; in 2013 it is expected to contribute $56 billion dollars as foreign aid. America helps poor nations to raise above poverty, it gives foreign protection, and pays other countries indirectly to stop fighting. America indeed uses more oil than any country worldwide, and it needs ways to obtain gasoline. America obtains much of its gasoline from the Middle East, and pays so much per barrel of gasoline. Besides, by 2016 America is expected to produce its own gasoline, and is expected to start exporting gasoline by 2020 reducing the need for oil from the Middle East.
Middle ground/Compromise position
Like any other country, America is an imperialistic country; however, America does spend 56 billion dollars on foreign aid. America establishes its presence over other nations, but their goal is to spread peace through a free-enterprise system/mixed economy.
Any man that does not work or does not have income upon which to support himself should not have any more children. Human population has not been peaking and declining in the last half century; it has been growing at a linear rate. Dr. Malthus says we need to have a slight population crash, and the best way to do so is by limiting the amount of children each family has. Malthus argues that two types of checks hold the population to resource limits. Positive checks, which raise the death rate, and preventive checks, which lower the birth rate. The positive checks include hunger, disease, and war. The preventive checks being abortion and birth control.
Cornucopias believe our world has enough science and technology to counterattack any lingering problem our world is having. For example, in the 19th century much of the United States was agricultural; in the 20th century much of the United States was industrial. In the 21st century, United States has made advances in science, technology, and sanitation. In other words, our economy has space for substantial growth. In every respect important to humanity, the trends have been improving, not deteriorating. Cornucopias believe even if people do not have enough resources, through innovation people can come up with other resources...


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