Debate, Suspicion And Controversy Created By College Admission Policies

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Victor Asemota
Period 3
Miss Dixon

The Silence is Over
College admission policies have caused tremendous controversy, debate and suspicion in the eyes of Americans today. Causing students to stress out even more and call into question the merit and validity of such policies. Because students feel certain admission policies are preventing their chances of admissions. The most controversial admission policy is affirmative action. Since whites and other non-minorities feel that this admission policy doesn’t benefit them, so they attack it and say it is unjust. But in all actuality this admission policy is miniature compared to other preference such as legacy preferences. But ...view middle of the document...

Minorities are still completely controlled by the shackles placed on them by society. A college education is an absolute necessity that I the main way for society to overcome discrimination and education in society. So it is a necessity for black Americans to have access to a quality education, because the mind cannot be wasted, especially this day in age (Brown xii). So as a society we need to make a means for everyone, including minorities to have this quality education.
I am going to use my personal experiences of discrimination, stereotyping, and racism, to emphasize that we are not in a point in society were everyone is “equal”. All my life I have been stamped as unqualified and undeserving. To emphasize my place in society, whites have spoken words of defeat and racism into my life. I am constantly called Nigger and Nigga every day of my life. This directly demonstrates that blacks are not considered worthy enough to be addressed by their name, but rather addressed in derogatory names. People do not understand the power of these two words and they use it very loosely. Now a days whites feel it is ok to use the transformed version of nigger, because they took out the -er and added an -a. But is there really a difference? No, there is not, whites and blacks have taken a horrific word that has a historically negative connotation and changed the meaning. I have been called this word everywhere I go. In the bathroom, in the middle of class, by my coach, etc. Last year when I was walking home from school. First, I was approached by a white truck with two white guys. They started slowing down and I got scared. Then the passenger threw a soda and his nachos at me. Then he yelled “Go Back to Africa Nigger”. I was completely humiliated and sad that no one came out to help me. I remember having to hide from my mother so she didn’t see the nachos on my face and the soda on my clothes. Second, I have had a terrible and traumatizing baseball experience. I have been the only black baseball player in my team my whole baseball career. So I have always been the kid that got picked on and messed with. I remember during one of my games. I went up to bat 4 times and the pitcher aimed for my head on every pitch. He ended up hitting me with the ball 2 times on the leg, one time in the head, and one time on the leg. This pitcher only hit me during the game and laughed every time. For the 6 years I played baseball, I was never given fair chance. I never progressed and reached my full potential due to my skin color. I was completely segregated from my team and my coaches never worked with me, liked they did the white players. Even worse, I was completely harassed by my teammates. They would tell me “You don’t belong here, this is a white man sport” or say “No Niggers aloud”. Third, about 5 years my pool was vandalized with graphite and the perpetrators tried explode our pool and set our house on fire with gasoline and lighter fluid. If I didn’t wake up and hear...

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