Debbie Spring, The Kayak. A Literary Deconstruction Of The Character Of Theresa, Analyzing Her Characteristics.

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The KayakThe story 'The Kayak' interprets the life of a 16 year old girl, Theresa, who is still yet a baby. Her desire of becoming a woman remains unfulfilled un till she meets a boy named Jamie. When I read the story, so much sympathy for Theresa arose inside me. I feel closest to Theresa in comparison with the other two characters. When I was reading this story I was thinking about the level of patience Theresa has towards life, after what she has been through. Theresa is very insecure, dependant and helpless.As you read this story, you will come to see why Theresa is insecure. "This is my special place. Out here, I feel secure" (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The Kayak .International1 Thomson Publishing, 1999, 33) Theresa's special place is in water where she feels secure but on land, it is the total opposite. Another reason that proves my point is "I'm not used to talking to a guy, I never had a boyfriend, who would be interested in me?" (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The Kayak .International1 Thomson Publishing, 1999, 36). This shows that Theresa had low self-esteem, caused by the condition of life has bestowed upon her by taking away the power from her legs. Theresa is so used to her insecurity that no matter what the circumstances are, her insecurity will pop up and take control. "Jamie puts his hand on my shoulder 'Would you like to join me and my friends at a campfire tonight?' 'I don't need pity' I retort." (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The Kayak .International1 Thomson Publishing, 1999, 37). Theresa thinks that nothing good can happen to her because of her past. When something is happening well, she will feel as if it too good to be true and thus ignore or hide from it. That is why Theresa's insecurity is one of the most noticed character traits in the story.Along with insecurity, readers also perceive dependence as one of Theresa's character traits. She feels incomplete on land and nothing is in her control, but yet as she gets closer into the ware pieces of puzzle seem to come into place to complete her. "The blue boat is an extension of my legs, I can do anything, I can go anywhere, totally independent, totally in control of myself." (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The Kayak .International1 Thomson Publishing, 1999, 33). In the water Theresa is woman, a heroine who can save the life of others, while on land she can barely take care of her own self. " 'Thanks for saving my skin' Jamie says. 'Next time, wear a lifejacket.' Jamie doesn't't flinch. 'You're right. That was dumb." (Spring, Debbie Language and writing 9 -The...

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