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1) Describe your DECA experience at North Park S.S. to date and what things you have done with the club that would make you an excellent candidate for the executive.
I believe and follow two main principles; work hard and work smart. I have been on North Park’s DECA team since grade nine. DECA has been a learning experience and a chance for me to guide other students. It has played a huge part in my life and my perception of the business world. Since the past two years, I have qualified for the provincial competition. This year, I participated in an individual written event, Professional Selling Event. I was able to successfully place in top 10 for my presentation at the provincial competition this year. I attended the Gumption Risk Intuition Tenacity (GRIT) conference last summer, and learned more about DECA’s management style. I was able to discuss about DECA’s mission and governance philosophy with the president of DECA Ontario, Venia Veselovsky. Last year, I participated in a team written event, Business Management Operations Research. Through my experience in two different categories, I am able to have a broader knowledge of writing reports, exams and giving a well-executed presentation. Being involved in various other clubs allows me to have great connections with other younger students. In conclusion, DECA has been an amazing experience for me, I am looking forward to qualifying for the ICDC competition next year.

2) What extra-curricular activities will you pursue next year?
Next year, I will be participating in Link Crew and playing for the Cricket Team.

3) Describe, in detail, a situation or situations in which you demonstrated initiative, leadership and teamwork skills.
Since past 10 years, I have been a part of Vanik Samaj of Toronto (VST). It is a social organization consisting of over 250 families. For the past 4 years, I have been on the Youth Executive Committee and I was involved in organizing several events throughout the year. Last year, I was the chairman for the “Diwali Dinner”, which is the biggest event of the year. In this event, over 400 members attended and I was in charge of planning, organizing and executing the event. I led my working committee to make the event successful. I...

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