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Decade Report

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Persian Gulf War
On August 2, 1990, Iraq leader Saddam Hussein ordered the invason of the neighboring country kuwait. The reason for this invasion was to steal the rich oil that was in the land. During this invasion President George H. W. Bush declared that the war in Kuwait "will not stand." A day after the declaration, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia met with U.S. Defense Secretary Richard Cheney to request military assistance. Saudi Arabia, japan, and other wealthy allies would be funded $60 billion for there losses and damages. August 8, 1990 U.S. air force fighters were in Saudi Arabia. By 1991 the United States alone had 50,000 troops. On February 26, 1991 Saddam ordered the ...view middle of the document...

However, in 1998 his relationship with a young intern resulted in the presidential impeachment by the House of Representatives. A trial in the Senate found the president not guilty. Bill apoligized for his mistake and said to keep working as hard as he could. Years after leaving his office Bill has dedicated his time to leading the development of globa intiative through his foundation.
Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo Dicaprio was born on November 11, 1974. At an early age his parents encouraged him to embrace his creative side, with saying so the booked Leo with a talent agent who suggested he perform under the name Lenny Williams. At age 5 he landed his first t.v. role on a popular children t.v. show. Leonardo wasn't really bright on academics so he enrolled on summer courses to study acting and performing arts. When Leo was 14 he startes starring in commercials. His first real acting role was on a t.v. soap called "Santa Barbra." In 1990 he starred in a short-lived series " The Outsider" with David Arquette. In 1991 he starred in a movie called " Critters 3 " but it didnt really show his acting abilities. Furthermore in 1997 he was considered a " heartthron" because of his role in the movie " Titanic. " Even in the present day Leonardo Dicaprio is still starring in big movies like " The Wolf of Wall Street ", " The Great Gatsby ", and more. When he isn't doing stuff movie related, he is an enviromentalist and has set up his own foundation and eco - site through his official website.
capacity than a CD. The downfall of this invention was that pirated movies were being sold and created. It also led many companies to have competition of which DVD is better or not. As a final point, the DVD changed lives and changed the way people watch...

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