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Decentralization Essay

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Decentralization is the process done by not just the government but other organizations, institutions, companies and many more. Decentralization takes place when a central body wants to distribute power to different sectors. These different sectors are expected to shoulder the responsibility that was passed to them. There are different types of decentralization, these are Political Decentralization, Administrative Decentralization, Fiscal Decentralization and Economic or Market Decentralization but in this paper I am going to focus on the Political Decentralization that is taking place in the Federal government of Germany.
Political decentralization supports transparency for one of its aims is to better inform it people on the decision process that is taking place in the government. By this, the citizens of that state or that region are given the chance to participate more and can further influence the decision making of their own government. The citizens’ local interests are better represented because its representatives cannot hide from them and by this many will be more enthusiastic about participating and be more interested in the government and this in return will make the citizens complain less and accept rules or policies that will be passed or implemented by their government. This will create less chaos and opposition from the citizens and will result to faster implementation of rules and many will acknowledge the passed rule or policy at a much quicker pace since they were a part in all of the process.
There is no fixated process on decentralizing a government, the state has to decide the different step or rules that they will apply upon decentralizing their government. There are also a lot of factors that an contribute to why a government would decide to decentralize their government. In Germany’s Federal Government’s case, they decided to decentralize their government to address economic issues that they are facing since the unification of west and east Germany in the 1990, promote further participation of its people and encourage them to give more input and lastly to further define the different duties of the different sectors of the government.
The unification in 1990 promised a big potential for the Germans especially when the whole course of unification was completed, after the rejoining of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia. The Germans thought that the unification of the East and West Germany would improve their economy by a landslide, they thought that by having East Germany back to Germany would make them richer than they were. The Germans were very much excited but little did they know that the exact opposite would happen to them. Their prediction was completely wrong and they miscalculated everything. They were obviously not prepared for what happened after the unification since there was no definite process or procedure on how they would make...

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