Electronics And Communication Engeineering Essay

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I am Tejas Mishra, a recent graduate from the University of Pune in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have been innately curious throughout my life and I have interests in topics like genetics, evolutionary psychology, game theory and neurobiology. My current interests in electronics are in smart grids, SiC-based power devices, power converters and integration of power and control systems like power-supply on chip.
My first experience with applied electronics was in my second semester. I was part of a 3-member team that designed an automatic water tap which controlled the flow of water based on the light intensity on a photodiode for the science exhibition. The project involved using a solenoid valve and it was my first experience of Lenz’s Law first hand with a burnt out transistor due to the inductance. In my third semester the course Power Devices and Machines introduced us to power devices like power diodes, BJTs and MOSFETs and the tradeoffs involved with switching time/breakdown voltage/on-resistance. The course also covered the 3 basic DC-DC converter topologies – Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, rectifiers and inverters. We were introduced to DC brushed motors, brushless motors, induction motors, stepper motors and the control strategies involved with each. This was where I really liked power electronics due to its wide scope and the challenges it poses to any engineer and where only a great engineer can show their skills. I understood that power electronics requires understanding multiple subjects to really excel.
I participated in two circuit designing and debugging competitions and I was a finalist on both occasions with each competition having a pool of atleast 500 participants. In my fourth semester the subject Integrated Circuits and Applications introduced me to Op-Amps and their various applications like current sensing, comparators, clock generators and as compensators which are found in almost every power converter circuit. In my fifth semester the courses on Control Systems has turned out to be crucial to my understanding of power systems. Control Systems introduced me to frequency domain design and analysis of systems with the course covering Bode plots, Nyquist plots, and compensator design. It also introduced me to state-space methods of analyzing systems.
I participated in the National Robocon Contest 2012 as a part of my college team. Developing the robots with the rest of my team took up most of my fifth and sixth semesters. This led to my appreciation of cross-domain thinking where I had to give my inputs on both the mechanics and electronics of the robot. Relevant to my application is my work on building brushed motor drives from both ICs like the MC33886 and discrete components like the IRF540N driven by high side-low side gate drivers like the...

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