Deception Breeds Love From She Stoops To Conquer By Oliver Goldsmith.

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Deception Breeds LoveDeceit… Passion… Lust… Love… Tradition… She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith- a comedy of sorts, satirizing 18th Century Englishmen and rife with the deceit, depicts the ironic journey of one man and the conquering powers of love. Through microcosmic methods of characterization and the fusion of ancient and current writing methods, Goldsmith depicts the absurdity of a life enslaved by the laws of political thought.Shackled by the chains of deception, Charles Marlow mistakes his arranged fiancé’s home for a simple inn. Through this ignorance, Marlow mistakenly fancies Kate-his fiancée- a beautiful barmaid instead of her true status as a powerful woman of class. But his shyness around women of such high class, allows for Goldsmith’s purpose for the character of Marlow to surface. The 18th Century Englishmen were completely mesmerized by their sociological status- depicted by Mr. Hardcastle in the play: arranging marriages, falling in love, working beside, being friends with- solely on their socio-economical place. So Goldsmith- realizing and understanding the shear idiocy of such thinking- portrays Marlow as a hyperbolic microcosm of the society. Marlow can not speak to a woman of a high class without becoming uneasy and refined which proves how powerful the people of the time overly respected class. But Marlow’s true character can not be manifested without the help of his love Kate, who understands that love knows no boundaries- especially boundaries of society, allows herself to be demeaned and seen...

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