Deciding Between Being A Teacher Or A Nurse: Personal Narrative

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The employment of high school teachers is expected to grow by 7 percent from 2010 to 2020” (“High School Teachers”) and “The employment rate of registered nurses is expected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020” (“Registered Nurses”). The employment rate for teachers is slower than average, but the employment rate of registered nurses is faster than average for all occupations because of technological advancements that are allowing job opportunities to be excellent. With these two facts in mind I must make decision on which career path I want to follow now that I am attending college. Since I am currently majoring in biology secondary education I am determined to become a biology educator, but I have been considering changing my major and study track to best suit my personality and interests. I am either thinking about pursuing a career as a nurse or staying on track to become a biology teacher.
By researching more in depth about these two career paths, I learned that if I want to become a biology high school teacher then I must be fully committed, dedicated, and motivated to teach the students in the classroom because teaching is a big responsibility that a majority of teachers overlook before stepping into the field of education. Any kind of teaching takes someone who is willing to make an impact on their students’ life by leading them to their full potential and giving them the most out of their education.
I am determined to become a teacher not only to teach various skills and academic lessons to student, but also to help guide them to achieve his or her goals in their lives. According to an article in the Black Collegian, by Nat LaCour, “Teaching require enormous patience, and there is no ready-made formula for good teaching” (LaCour). That means that if I want to be an effective teacher then I must work with individuals to challenge them to improve their abilities and skills to become more successful in their own lives, which I have the desire to do. I love the idea of working with individuals and encouraging them to improve their skills to become better students. I am a person who likes to help others succeed.
A typical nurse helps patients and works with physicians to diagnose symptoms. By pursuing a career as a nurse I will have to consult with doctors as well as help perform diagnostic tests and analysis the results. I would to take care of patients by recording their medical histories and their symptoms. I will have to give them medicines often and treatments that the doctor prescribed. I will have to deal with patients all the time if I become a nurse, which according to Katrina Rowan, in “Becoming a Nurse”, “Part of being a good nurse is a combination of good communication skills, knowledge, attitude and professionalism which help to provide effective emotional, informational and practical support enabling a positive nurse-patient relationship to be established” (Rowan). Nursing...

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