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Deciphering Human Behaviors In The Workplace

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AbstractBeing that the Human Race is imperfect in nature, it is absurd to think that when you have a group of people whom spend eight to ten hours a day together, the majority of the time dealing with stressful situations, that everyone is going to get along great and that the environment will be friendly and trouble-free. To make matters worse, it becomes even more difficult when the group of people consist of individual from all walks of life. Being that organizations today cannot change or control the different aspects of diversity which make up their employees, the only thing left to do is learn to cope with the diversity and the differences which affect the employees and the organization.What is Organizational Behavior?Prior to enrolling in this course, I really had no concept of what Organizational Behavior meant and why it was such an important course to study. Upon reading the book "Organizational Behavior" by Don Hellriegel and John Slocum Jr., I felt that I had come upon a treasure of knowledge. Immediately I discovered information which could be applied and would therefore solve a multitude of problems in my workplace. The definition for Organizational Behavior is "the study of human behavior, attitudes, and performance in organizations". (Hellriegel & Slocum, Jr., 2004, p.5) Meditating on this definition made me think about how human behaviors affect the workplace positively and negatively. I also thought about how an organization could never be perfect because it is run by humans and obviously we as humans are imperfect. Therefore to think that we can expect to run a trouble free organization is unrealistic. This is why it is essential to study behaviors in order to cope or reward such behaviors.Personality: Hereditary AspectOne of the factors that come into play when understanding individual differences is personalities. Many things can influence or determine our personalities and of those who surround us. Genetics is often thought of as the determinant of a personality. Take in to account my two sons, Michael and Julian. Mikey, (the older one), is about two years old and since the day he was born, we knew within the first few weeks that his personality would be very calm and passive. It was obvious that he had inherited my easy going, carefree spirit. My second son Julian was born 18 months later, (he is currently nine months old). Now being that they were both boys, I assumed when the little one was born, he would be just the same as Mikey in the sense that I would not have to experience anything that I hadn't already. Boy was I wrong. The little rascal is the splitting image of his father not only in the physical traits, but in the short-tempered personality. This little devil is such an opposite to his big brother as far as personality that I don't even want to think about the day he learns to walk much less speak. The point being that we all know people whom have inherited good personality traits and others whom have...

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