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Deciphering the Stranger: The Role of the Foreigner in British Literature America, the strongest, most powerful nation in the world, the bright beacon and heroic savior of a free planet, is, today, nearly crippled by fear. Although this statement might sound unpatriotic or deliberately inflammatory, as if, by saying it, I was merely attempting to send out and charm a false thread of panic through the masses, I assure you that it is neither of these things; it is true. However, if, for whatever reason, you cannot recognize this truth, I encourage you to pay a visit to your local airport; heck, if you're going there anyway, you might as well try to board a plane to some sunny, smiling climate, thousands of miles distant from Pennsylvania, this cold place of exile. For if you do this, you will see, first hand, the paralyzing fear which rushes through the veins of this great nation, at present. As you walk the long, high-ceilinged circuit to your plane, you might be stopped several times, and, like a criminal, searched for anything that might be used as a weapon. As you make your way through customs, your personal space will be violated, and a team of experts will scrutinize your appearance, scan your luggage, and, if, need be, administer a full-body cavity-search upon you. Yet, however terrible this ordeal might seem, it is unquestionably worse for those who do not fit the right profile. In other words, if you are not a white, well-dressed, Christian-looking man or woman, chances are that you are not going to have a very pleasant experience at the airport. But why? How is this possible in America, a country that was built upon foundations of equality? Although we might expect to find this type of prejudice in poor, tyrannized nations, such as Cuba or Russia, most of us, I'm sure, would find it hard to believe that it is actually happening today in our own backyards. But why? (The question is vital, and bangs loudly, insistently against my patriotic brains, so I ask it again: Why?) Well, the most common and widely accepted answer to this question, as most modern Americans with access to CNN could tell you, is related to the World Trade Center, in New York, and the historic tragedy which unfolded there on December, 11, 2001. However, in regard to why airport, as well as national security has undergone such significant remodeling in the years following this attack, I do not think that this explanation alone is sufficient. Rather, I believe that the acts of terrorisms which leveled two of our nations largest, most emblematic structures, and ended the lives of nearly 3000 of our countrymen served, more than anything else, to awaken a primal fear that each of us is born with: the fear of the unknown; the fear of the foreigner. As one particularly perceptive internet columnist put it, "When planes pummeled the World Trade Center, the Middle Eastern pilots commandeered the U.S. out of its sheltered existence and into the real world of risk,...

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