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With recent research and new technologies, scientists were able to learn more about the brain of mysterious teenagers. Opposite of original findings, scientists found that the brain is still developing in teenage years and well into their mid-20s. It is important to regard this statement when adolescents have done wrong. That is because according to studies, the teenage brain is underdeveloped and they act on impulse. Other things also affect the way teenagers act. Therefore, teenagers should not be held accountable for the actions they make.
Scientists have found that the teenage brain is underdeveloped and functions differently. A Ph.D. at Stanford University states, “Researchers found that when processing emotions, adults have greater activity in their frontal lobes than do teenagers. In fact, as teenager’s age into adulthood, the overall focus of brain activity seems to shift from the amygdala to the frontal lobes” (Talukder). Since the frontal lobes control emotion and impulses, that means that teenagers don’t think through the situation they are in but instead, act on the spot. Also, it is proven that teenagers use their amygdala most frequently. The amygdala controls the instinctive reactions of a person. If a teenager has comitted a crime, chances are, he or she hasn’t thought through the situation and acted on impulse since that is what they are hrd wired to do.

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Researchers have also proven that parents of teenagers influence how they act later on in life. A student from the University of New Hampshire observes, “Parents directly influence deviant behavior in their children through their parenting techniques and the family structure… when these areas are lacking, an adolescent is more likely to turn to deviant behavior” (Carlson). Times when the areas of parenting techniques are lacking would be when parents are getting divorces. Divorces happen within 40 – 50 percent of married couples. Divorces are a large transition in adolescent life and can cause them to feel unneeded by parents which can lead to bad behavior. With that said, studies also show that most criminal behavior happens in children with aggressive and violent parents or in children whose parents got divorced. It cannot be helped if the teen commits a crime because their parents directly influence their behavior.
In addition, researchers have found that friends of teenagers have a great effect on their behavior. A research council committee writes, “The influence of deviant peers is likely to be greater when they are older and more deviant and when it is likely that the peers will interact outside the intervention setting. Similarly, participants who are in early adolescence and are already moderately deviant but are not yet committed to deviant behavior are the most...

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