Decision Making In The Changing Environment

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IntroductionOrganizations always are living in various and changing environment. The managers of organizations will catch the useful information and resource from the environment to achieve organizational objectives. We can regard the organization as an open system which interacts with the environment.Through planning, organization, leading, making-decision, managers attempt to change and control elements in the environment. Today's environments respect more complex and unstable, it leads organizational management also experiences very high uncertainty and ambiguity. As a successful manager, you should use conceptual skills to predict environment, human skills to resolve conflict in organizational culture or international relationship, and technical skills to manage uncertain information.When manager meet new environment and new challenge which had never happened, how do they resolve problems by using their management skills and knowledge and referring from facts which had happened? Today managers have to focus on environment's changing, they will completely understand and manage environment to have effective management in organization.The article includes there sectors. The first sector presents how do uncertain environment and the environment affect the organization's life. The second sector gives some examples to explain that under the uncertain environment, managers undercut the rational analysis. The third sector, the author wants to find more effective approaches to resolve problem under the uncertain and ambiguous environment. The author applies lots of organization and management theories to support article's issues.1.How does dynamic environment effect organizations?1.1The relationship between the environment and organization's lifeAs a manager, you will apply fundamental management skills for planning, organizing, leading, and control a department or an organization. The primary responsibility of top management is to determine an organization's mission, goals, strategies, and making- decision. Whatever decision is made, setting process of decision is normally the same. It begins with an assessment of the opportunities and threats in the external environment, and manager also assesses internal strengths and weaknesses. Then next step is to define the overall decision based on the correct fit between environment and internal strengths. There is a figure that we can see the process of decision in management.External EnvironmentOpportunitiesThreatsUncertaintyResource availability Organization DesignStructural formInformationStrategic Management technology and EffectivenessDefine Select control systems outcomeCEO,Top mission operational Production technology ResourcesManagement official goals Human resource EfficiencyTeam goals competitive policies, incentives Goal attainmentstrategies Organizational Culture StakeholdersInterorganizayionallinkagesInternal EnvironmentStrengthsWeaknessesDistinctive competenceLeader stylePast...

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