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Decision Making Mchapter 6anagement College Univesity Tutorial

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Principles of Management
Tutorial 6 – Decision Making
Part 1 – Multiple Choice Questions
1. The set of eight steps that begins with identifying a problem and decision criteria and allocating weights to those criteria is called the _____.
a. programmed decision
b. decision-making process
c. structured problem
d. directive style
2. In the decision-making process, once alternatives have been identified, a decision maker must analyze each one by evaluating it against _____.
a. heuristics
b. risks
c. nonprogrammed decisions
d. decision criteria
3. The last step of the decision-making process involves _____.
a. selecting an alternative
b. identifying decision criteria
c. evaluating decision effectiveness
d. identifying a problem
4. Because of limitations on coming up with the "best" alternative, managers frequently pursue alternatives that they consider to be "good enough." This is known as _____.
a. satisficing
b. bounded rationality
c. rationality
d. certainty
5. A waitress spills a drink on a customer and the manager immediately offers to pay to dry-clean the customer's jacket. This problem and solution are fairly routine and straightforward. This is an example of a _____.
a. nonprogrammed decision
b. unstructured problem
c. programmed decision
d. bounded rationality
6. In the case of _____, the goal of the decision maker is clear, the problem is familiar, and information about the problem is easily defined and complete.
a. structured problems
b. intuitive decision making
c. unstructured problems
d. bounded rationality
7. Which of the following is an example of a policy?
a. Employees must clock out before taking lunch breaks.
b. Employees may not smoke inside the building.
c. Employee wages will be competitive within community standards.
d. Employees requesting vacation time must submit the appropriate form at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the requested vacation period.
8. Under conditions of _____, the choice of alternative is influenced by the limited amount of information available to the decision maker and by the psychological orientation of the...

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